Poker Face Season 1 Episode 9 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

February 23, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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We discuss predictions for the Peacock series Poker Face Season 1 Episode 9 and include the release date, time, and where to watch online.

Poker Face star Natasha Lyonne writes and directs episode eight of the series, titled “The Orpheus Syndrome.” The latest murder mystery centers on the film industry itself and the covering up of a murderous scandal. Charlie Cale is dropped right in the middle of all this chaos and once again helps to track down the killer. It’s another strong installment, although the ending is a little rushed. Here’s what happened in Poker Face Season 1 Episode 8:

  • A couple argues at their cliff-side apartment. The husband, Max, then jumps to his death.
  • Grieving wife Laura meets with an old friend called Arthur. He now makes his animations. She asks him to make a sculpture of her dead husband’s head so that she can apologize to him one last time.
  • A flashback reveals what happened the day Max died. He had found incriminating footage and would take it to the police. Laura decided to poison Max so he wouldn’t reveal her secret. Max then killed himself.
  • Laura needs the model to access this incriminating file using facial recognition technology. Max had destroyed his face in the jump so that Laura couldn’t access it. The model works a treat, and Laura quickly deletes the file. She then requests the original film canister to burn that evidence too.
  • Charlie delivers a bag of human hair to Arthur and asks for a job as his assistant. The two bonded, and Charlie overheard the conversation with Laura when she requested the model of Max’s head. Charlie believes Laura is lying, but Arthur makes it anyway.
  • Arthur confesses to Charlie that an actress died on his set, ruining his career in the eighties. He blames himself for her death. He requests the old footage and finds that Laura caused the death.
  • Arthur confronts Laura. Again, she poisons her victim. Arthur dies but doesn’t hand over the footage Laura desires. She ransacks his workshop looking for the footage, but it remains missing.
  • Charlie starts to suspect Laura and contacts Raoul. They find that the digitized copy has been deleted. Charlie attends the 40th-anniversary event, looking for the film footage herself. It is wrapped around a prop.
  • During her speech, Laura pays tribute to Arthur and Max but starts to break down, envisioning Arthur in the crowd. Charlie and Raoul play the footage to the crowd. Laura continues with her breakdown and chases after a vision of Max. He jumps, and she follows him, dying in the process.

Poker Face Season 1 Episode 9 Release Date and Time

Episode 9 will be released on Peacock on Thursday, March 2nd, 2023, at 3 am ET. Episode 9 is titled “Escape from S**t Mountain” and will have a run time of 59 minutes.

Where to watch online

Viewers can catch Poker Face Season 1 Episode 9 with a subscription to Peacock on the date mentioned above.


  • This is the penultimate episode of Poker Face’s first season. Will we reunite with Cliff and casino owner Sterling Frost Sr next? It seems fitting that the season would end with Charlie facing up to her enemies or at least hearing of them again.
  • I think she will accidentally reveal her location, and Cliff will again come after her.
  • Charlie will be involved in another murder mystery, possibly set in the mountains.
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt and David Castaneda (The Umbrella Academy) are yet to appear in the series; they might be in the next installment.

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