Carnival Row Season 2 Episodes 5 and 6 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

February 24, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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We discuss predictions for the Prime Video series Carnival Row Season 2 Episodes 5 and 6, including the release date and where to watch online.

Episode 3 centers on the aftermath of Dahlia’s murder and sees Vignette (Cara Delevingne) and Philo (Orlando Bloom) choosing different directions for handling the situation. In episode 4, we learn more about how the New Dawn is run. Imogen (Tamzin Merchant) and Agreus (David Gyasi) are forced to participate in the regime. 

  • Tensions on Carnival Row are growing following Dahlia and Bolero’s death.
  • Tourmaline helps Philo investigate the Black Ravens’ murder, and they learn it was a Fae who killed them and the supply train soldier. 
  • Millworthy makes a secret deal to supply arms to the Pact with Major Vir.
  • Vignette and the other Ravens want revenge for Oona’s murder and the brutal killing of Dahlia and Bolero. 
  • Philo tries reasoning with Vignette and the rest of the Ravens, but they’re dead set on revenge even after learning it a Fae killed Dahlia. 
  • Jonah agrees to partly open the Row for workers so The Burgue can supply the Pact with weapons, while Sophie is revealed to have been plotting against him this whole time. 
  • Ezra finds out where his sister and Agreus are and kills the messenger.
  • In Ragusa, Imogen and Agreus are forced to take part in the day-to-day running of the New Dawn regime. They must work at a factory building weapons for the war against The Pact. 
  • Agreus resists this new life, while Imogen lets herself be charmed by Leonora, the New Dawn’s leader. 
  • She sees Ragusa as the only place where they can freely live as a couple.
  • Imogen finally learns what happened to the crew from the Swan. 
  • Ezra makes his way to Ragusa and offers information on the deal between The Burgue and The Pact to Leonora. 
  • Philo and Darius protect Seargent Dombey from a Black Raven attack. 
  • A disappointed Vignette ends things with Philo as he chooses humans over the Fae. 
  • The bond between Tourmaline and Darius grows even after she learns he’s a Marrok. 
  • Police raid Carnival Row, and they arrest Vignette for attacking Dombey.

Carnival Row Season 2 Episodes 5 and 6 Release Date and Time

Episodes 5 and 6 are scheduled to release on Prime Video on March 3rd, 2023. The release time is midnight GMT.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch Carnival Row Season 2 Episodes 5 and 6 with a subscription to Prime Video on the date mentioned above.


  • Imogen convinces Agreus to stay and enjoy life in the New Dawn. 
  • Leonora agrees to make a deal with Ezra, and he gets to take Imogen back to the Burgue. 
  • Philo rescues Vignette from prison before The Burgue can execute her. 
  • Philo and Vignette rekindle their relationship. 
  • Jonah finds out about Sophie’s true motives. 

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