Servant Season 4 Episode 7 Recap – what is Uncle George’s theory about Leanne?

February 24, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Defying expectations is one of Servant’s major strengths, but “Myth” takes this to another level. Leanne’s powers are questioned, and fan theories are tested in a revealing and bold installment, easily the best from the season so far.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Servant Season 4 Episode 7, “Myth,” which contains spoilers.

There are a lot of fan theories out there about Servant, mainly focusing on Leanne’s (Nell Tiger Free) powers, the Turner family, their home, and the return of Jericho, the baby. In “Myth,” all these theories are tested to their limits as all the evidence is laid out. It’s a brave and rewarding installment that, in usual Servant fashion, seems to point in one direction before flipping things entirely. Sean (Toby Kebbell) and Julian (Rupert Grint) meet with Uncle George (Boris McGiver) to discuss Leanne’s abilities, while Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) digs into Leanne’s past.

Servant Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

In the middle of the night, Julian wanders the Turner home, unable to sleep. He sees Leanne’s followers staring upwards from around the sinkhole shrine and then finds some of Sean’s research, a book about Heaven, Hell, angels, and demons. The following day, Leanne asks how Julian slept, and he lies, saying he slept like a baby. She asks him to dance with her, and then as they are kissing, she bites him. Julian is worried about his girlfriend’s safety and reckless behavior. Annoyed by Julian’s pessimistic outlook, Leanne states he talks too much.

What is The Faustian Bargain?

Sean watches as his angry chef shtick goes viral. Then Julian questions Sean about the religious research he found last night. Sean doesn’t want to discuss Leanne at the kitchen table, so they head into the wine cellar instead. Sean has pieced together his theory on the nanny. Whenever she is angry, things go very badly for the family, and when she is happy, things go very well indeed. Take, for example, the sinkhole or Sean’s sudden fame. This strange phenomenon is called The Faustian Bargain. Sean ponders the idea that Leanne died in her family’s fire and was reborn as The Fallen Angel, who has made a deal with the devil. To add to this drama, Julian suddenly loses the ability to speak.

Dorothy is doing her research. She contacts someone at work and looks into the pageant footage further. There is no release form from Leanne or her mother, though. More research explores the family fire that occurred when Leanne was eight. Her body was never recovered from the fire, but she was presumed dead. She looks into Leanne’s mother and her history too. The mother had anger problems and a DUI. Dorothy wants to probe further still.

How did Uncle George become a cult member?

While Sean and Julian contemplate ways to stop this supernatural being, Roscoe appears out of the shadows, along with Uncle George. The cult member wants to confess, to tell them the truth about Leanne Grayson. He says he has left the Church and wants to right his wrongs, starting with the Turner family.

Uncle George explains how he joined the Church. Aunt May Markhem recruited him, saying he was reborn as a servant of God after a failed suicide attempt. Together they successfully recruited new members for years.

What is Uncle George’s theory about Leanne?

Uncle George saw Leanne as the perfect candidate and told her she had died in the family fire and was reborn as a servant of God. Leanne believed all of the cult’s lies and now thinks she is something otherworldly. Uncle George admits that the Church’s beliefs are just an illusion, lies. Leanne is confused and deranged but entirely ordinary. Sean believes that Leanne is supernatural, and Julian is quickly coming around to believing the same thing too, but now Uncle George has thrown a spanner in the works. Could Leanne be an ordinary individual?

Sean cannot entertain the idea and tests Uncle George’s theory, asking questions about every unusual scenario the Turner family has faced. It works as a call back to old episodes, as finally, the household question the odd occurrences they’ve endured over the years. Sean talks about the animals going crazy and Bev nearly dying. George says she was bitten by a snake, which caused spontaneous swelling. Sean brings up how Leanne’s arrival forced him to lose his ability to feel and taste. George says she may have drugged him.

How does Uncle George explain Leanne’s powers?

Then Sean mentions the splinters, apparently an old trick of Leanne’s. We are shown her planting shards of wood in Sean’s bed. It all makes perfect sense, yet we don’t want to believe it. Julian writes on a piece of paper about the doll. Jericho turns back into a doll whenever Leanne leaves the house. Uncle George says this house has secrets, revealing hidden tunnels under the building. Sean and Julian bring up further issues, including the dying dog and the Marino family, although they seem to forget to mention the massive sinkhole outside. The last thing Sean throws at Uncle George is the most integral part of the puzzle, his dead son. Uncle George reveals that an addict died while traveling with a baby boy. They think Leanne stole this baby and brought them into the home via the tunnels.

Dorothy’s research gathers pace as well. It is revealed that Leanne’s mother died on April 17th, 2011. She replays DVD footage from this exact day and finds that Leanne has been there in the background every year since, on the anniversary of her mother’s death.

Servant Season 4 Episode 7

Back in the cellar, Sean asks why Leanne would target his family. Uncle George talks about how Leanne is obsessed with Dorothy. He allowed her to visit Dorothy at work once a year, but she wanted more. Leanne wanted to be a part of her family. She stalked her and then saw that Jericho had died. Leanne saw the death as her way into the family home and found the abandoned baby. She saw this finding as an act of God, and she took the baby for Dorothy alone. Uncle George asks for the family’s help getting Leanne back into the Church.

Leanne returns, and the whole family gathers for a meal. Dorothy talks about her mother, which seems to anger Leanne. Julian lies about losing his voice, stating that he has allergies. At the same time, Sean mentions his videos going viral, although he is considering canceling his contract. Leanne is annoyed by how the Turners seem to turn against her, and she storms off. They have all realized that she has no hold over them anymore. They are free.

Roscoe is hurt to hear that everything he was told was a lie, but the final scene may say otherwise. We are shown Uncle George whipping himself, apologizing for his sins and lies. He is sorry for putting the Turner family in grave danger with these lies and asks God to give them the strength to bring the fallen one back to us. It seems like Uncle George lied about Leanne’s lack of powers. Is Leanne supernatural? Did Uncle George play the Turner family once again? What is his endgame here?

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