Who dies in Outer Banks Season 3? Deaths Explained

February 24, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Who dies in Outer Banks Season 3? We explain the deaths in the third season of Outer Banks, which will contain significant spoilers.

The Netflix Original Series Outer Banks involves teenagers and adults searching for the elusive city of El Dorado. This treacherous journey, hunting for buried treasure, leads our teens into a dangerous criminal world filled with sinister villains and gun-toting bad guys. As you’d expect, this all leads to much bloodshed and death. The third season is particularly gruesome as the search for untold riches leads to many surprising and gory deaths, some including major characters. Here’s a breakdown of the main people who died in Outer Banks Season 3.

Who dies in Outer Banks season 3?

Jimmy Portis

The series opens with the Pogues stranded on a desert island that they have fittingly named Poguelandia. They enjoy their time here but are soon rescued by a passing helicopter. The pilot is called Jimmy Portis (Kraig Dane), a hired goon tracking the teens.

He works for a crime boss called Carlos Singh, who needs Denmark’s diary. He believes the teens have this diary that will lead him to El Dorado. Singh takes Kiara and Rafe hostage, demanding the diary right away. Singh kills Jimmy to prove to Kiara and Rafe that he means business. Poor Jimmy is shot dead in Episode 1.

Carlos Singh’s goons

The teens manage to escape Carlos Singh and flee from Barbados. Big John and John B continue their hunt for the original copy of Denmark’s diary. Singh’s men get there first, though, and retrieve it. Big John and John B give chase and try to negotiate with these criminals out on the water. The goons decide to kill John B and take Big John hostage.

HOWEVER, John B’s father shoots them first, dumping the bodies in the water. This is the first time John sees his dad’s uglier side, which scares him. Later he pushes a man out of a window to escape Singh, who is holding him prisoner.

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Professor Sowell

After gaining the idol, Big John wants the glyphs upon it translating. They head to archaeology professor Kelly Kepler’s house but find she has died from a suspicious heart attack. Next, Big John seeks out Professor Tommy Sowell, who was also on the same expedition as Kelly.

He starts translating the glyphs, although he is hit by a flying dart and dies from the poison. Singh’s goons kill him before he can solve the riddles. Big John is then taken hostage, and John B is taken outside to be poisoned. John B manages to escape this time, though.

Carlos Singh

In the finale, Singh follows Big John and the gang into the caves and waits until the teens return with the gold. Sarah and John B exit the secret underwater passage with their bag of gold. Singh threatens to take it from them at gunpoint.

However, Big John appears with a stick of dynamite to save the day. He tells Singh to let them go, or he will blow up the cave. Big John then throws the dynamite. They escape, but Singh tries to extinguish the dynamite instead of fleeing like a sane person. He is blown up inside the cave.

Ward Cameron

Sarah’s father seems to be trying to repent for his sins and is taking the first steps to change his ways in season 3. But something in him snaps, and he again goes into full-on villain mode.

He helps Singh track down the gang and the gold. After the explosion, Ward goes to take the gold from the gang. However, Sarah won’t let him take it, forcing him to drop his gun. Singh’s second in command, Ryan, appears, wanting revenge for his fallen comrades. He threatens to shoot Sarah. Ward sacrifices himself and shields Sarah from these ensuing gunshots.


One of Singh’s soldiers, Ryan (Lou Ferrigno Jr.), tries to shoot Sarah after the explosion. He chooses Sarah randomly as revenge for one of his team members’ deaths. To save Sarah’s life, Ward jumps in front of her and takes the bullets. Next, he pushes Ryan away from his daughter and off a cliff. They both fall to their deaths. Ward kills Ryan, but Ward also dies, saving Sarah’s life.

Big John Routledge

DURING A SHOOT-OUT WITH SINGH’S GANG, John B’s father is shot earlier in the finale (Season 3 Episode 10). He soldiers on, answering the riddles and finding the cave.

However, Singh follows his trail of blood to the caves too. Eventually, Big John bleeds out in the jungle and is buried along with Ward Cameron. Thankfully, Big John could see the gold and relish finding El Dorado before his death, even though he didn’t get to see the place with his own eyes. He is named the leader of the crew that found El Dorado.

So, that’s everyone who died in Outer Banks season 3. Did we miss anyone important? Let us know in the comments below.

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