Will there be an Outer Banks Season 4? (Renewal Update)

February 25, 2023 (Last updated: March 3, 2023)
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We discuss whether there will be a Season 4 of the Netflix series Outer Banks and its renewed or canceled status. 

Outer Banks is a teen, action-adventure series from creators Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke. It tells the story of a divided coastal town in the Outer Banks, where the population is split into the rich folks (Kooks) and the poor working class (Pogues). In an attempt to even the scales, the Pogues have decided to hunt for buried treasure, leading to much drama and bitter rivalries.

Their ringleader, John B (Chase Stokes), is also searching for his missing father, Big John, who disappeared in suspicious circumstances that link directly with this legendary treasure hunt. This teen saga has spawned two highly successful seasons of over-the-top action and trashy, guilty-pleasure-fueled fun, with the third season looking likely to continue the trend in 2023.

In Season 3, the Pogues find themselves stranded on a desert island. They soon return to dry land, though, where they are caught up in the hunt for the city of gold, El Dorado, which is rumored to lie deep in the South American jungle.

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Also after this fortune is the ruthless crime boss Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen), with Ward (Charles Esten) and Rafe Cameron (Drew Starkey) not far behind either. As usual, it is left up to our gang of heroic teens to save the day. The valiant Pogues gang includes John B, Sarah (Madelyn Cline), Kie (Madison Bailey), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), JJ (Rudy Pankow), and new addition Cleo (Carlacia Grant). Each member has their teenage issues, even amid this epic quest.

With the third season offering teen romance and endless adventures in idyllic locations, as well as an exciting hunt for buried treasure, Outer Banks looks set to be more popular than ever. But will Netflix be renewing the series for a fourth season?

Will there be a season 4 of Outer Banks – renewed or canceled status

Update on February 25, 2023 – Netflix has confirmed that there will be a fourth season of Outer Banks. This comes as no surprise. Outer Banks is one of Netflix’s most-prized shows, and they will want to keep the momentum with the fans. 

Update on February 21, 2023 – Netflix has not confirmed whether there will be a fourth season yet. Outer Banks is one of Netflix’s hottest properties. A teenage juggernaut that continually rules the top 10 charts. Fans have eagerly anticipated this third season for over a year now, and interest seems to be at an all-time high. With all that in mind, it feels like a fourth season is practically guaranteed, although the company is yet to announce any renewal details.

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Outer Banks Season 4 Release Date

Netflix have not yet confirmed when Outer Banks Season 4 will be released. However, if we were to predict, we would expect to see it on our screens in early 2024, barring no production issues. 

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