Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – What is a Sparas?

March 3, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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During the first half, we catch up with Imogen and Agreus, while in the second half, we watch humans and fae alike scrambling to pick up the pieces after the massacre in episode 5.

We recap the Prime Video series Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 6, “Original Sins,” which contains spoilers.

Like episode 4, “Original Sins” is also cut into two parts. During the first half, we catch up with Imogen (Tamzin Merchant) and Agreus (David Gyasi), who pretend to settle in with the New Dawn while quietly plotting their escape. Ezra’s (Andrew Gower) arrival complicates things for them. In the second half, we watch humans and Fae-folk scrambling to pick up the pieces after the massacre in episode 5. We also learn the creature’s name causing chaos this season while an imprisoned Philo (Orlando Bloom) gets to converse with himself. Vignette’s (Cara Delevingne) near-death experience leads to an important decision. 

Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

We start the episode in Ragusa, where comrades Imogen and Agreus wake up bright and early to continue their quarrel from episode 4. The last thing Agreus wants is to build a life in the New Dawn’s socialist utopia, while Imogen boldly claims she’s happy there. Seeing how stubborn her lover is, Imogen has no choice but to tell him about Leonora’s threat: Either assimilate or die. Eventually, Agreus relents and agrees to try and make this new life work for Imogen’s sake, and the two start making love. All not how it seems, as during their lovemaking session, the Faun instructs Imogen to moan louder so they can hear her. Were Leonora’s men listening in? 

Comrades Agreus and Imogen

At breakfast, Kastor is pleased to see Comrade Agreus has changed his mind about the New Dawn. Even better, the day marks the new society’s anniversary, and Kastor invites Imogen and Agreus to the party (It’s unclear if attendance is optional). 

We learn more about Leonora’s background. According to Kastor, as a nobleman’s maid, she got caught stealing table scraps and was sent to prison. During her time behind bars, Leonora realized that the world had to change and wrote the New Dawn manifesto.

Both Agreus and Imogen appear impressed with the story. But as soon as Kastor’s out of sight, their true plan is revealed – With the help of a surviving Swan crew member, they’re planning to escape by hiding in a supply ship’s cargo. The boat leaves that night, and the three plan to sneak out during the party. 

Agreus gets a chance at revenge

Just as everything seems settled, Leonora’s men forcefully approach and escort Agreus to her. No, she didn’t summon him because she somehow found out about the escape plan. Instead, she hands him a gun before showing him to a worse-for-wear-looking Ezra. 

Last we saw of Imogen’s dimwitted brother; he was having a go at playing a spy. His plan failed, and now he’s at the mercy of a Puck he despises. Leonora lets Agreus decide what happens to Ezra, and surprisingly he chooses to spare his brother-in-law’s life. Unfortunately, this decision means he’s also responsible for Ezra’s re-education. 

Imogen is far from impressed with her brother’s actions and even considers leaving him behind in Ragusa while she escapes with Agreus. But the Faun intervenes yet again in Ezra’s favor. Will the three manage to escape Ragusa in one piece?

A flashback to Tirnanoc

We then take a journey back in time to a war-torn Tirnanoc, where young soldiers Philo and a still-human Darius are in retreat from the Pact’s army. Philo provides enough cover to allow his friend’s escape but ends up surrounded by enemy soldiers. He’s saved by the intervention of a bat-like creature with a penchant for disemboweling. The creature returns to its human form and spares Philo’s life because he’s half-Fea. 

What is a Sparas?

We finally discover what type of monster has been terrorizing The Burgue this season – a Sparas, a type of Fae believed to have gone extinct centuries before.

Philo suggested the Burgue’s army ally with the Sparas, but the higher-ups decide to bomb their valley and kill them all instead. Because of his rank, Philo’s tasked with giving the order despite his feeble attempts to protest.

Back in the present, Philo’s being tortured by the Bleakness Keep’s warden, who’s convinced the half-Pix was behind the Sparas’ massacre. It doesn’t help that Philo’s military record shows he tried to save the creatures during the war. When he’s finally left alone, Philo starts having meaningful conversations with himself. More specifically, a hallucination of himself. 

While Philo’s dealing with… well, himself, he gets a visit from his old friend, Berwick. The constable (and Dombey, too) need Philo’s help to find the Sparas. They believe the ancient monster has been selectively killing to cause even more of a rupture between humans and Fae-folk. It murdered the supply train soldier and made it look like the Black Raven did it, while Dahlia and Bolero’s deaths appeared to be caused by humans. And, of course, the Bleakness Keep massacre and the chancellor’s murder poured even more gas on the fire. 

Vignette’s in shock

Meanwhile, back on the Row, a shaken Vignette seeks shelter with Tourmaline at the magic shop. Her near-death experience seems to have given her perspective on what matters. After learning about Tourmaline’s vision predicting the Sparas’ attack, Vignette proposes the two run away together. But Tourmaline is tired of her former lover’s empty promises. We also get a brief scene between Darius and Vignette — The two’s mutual dislike for each is pretty fun to watch. 

A Burgue without a Chancellor

The Burgue’s parliament seems to have fallen into chaos. Military men have taken over the streets, and the government is desperately trying to find all the Fae criminals the Sparas released from Bleakness Keep the night it murdered poor Jonah. Grateful to remain alive, Millworthy leaves politics behind once and for all. Two MPs beg him to stay on and join a temporary ruling government, but he’s sticking to his resolve. 

As Millworthy is walking away, Major Vir tries convincing him to reconsider. According to Vir, the Sparas’ attack and Jonah’s murder have inflamed Burgue’s population even more against Fae-folk. If Millworthy walks away, the new leaders might even go as far as to destroy Carnival Row and everyone in it, which could lead to a civil war. Looks like the former street performer’s political career is far from finished. 

Carnival Row Season 2 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Kaine and Phaedra seek out Vignette. Kaine escaped the guards the previous night and claims he was forced to leave poor Philo behind. But that’s not why they’re there. The Sparas’ attack led to something big. Bigger than anything the Black Raven has achieved so far, and they need Vignette to join them. Vignette decides to walk away from the Raven and their mission. Her close call with the guillotine made her realize what’s truly important – Tourmaline. 

Back in Philo’s cell, he’s visited by Dombey, who has pulled some strings to release him. There’s a catch – The sergeant wants Philo to help with the investigation into catching the Sparas. Philo, however, has absolutely no interest in helping the constables. The chats with the hallucination of himself helped him gain some perspective. Nonetheless, he does lie and pretends to agree with Dombey’s terms to get out of prison. 

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