Who is Charlie Ireland from Clarkson’s Farm?

March 8, 2023
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Who is Charlie Ireland from Clarkson’s Farm? We discuss the elusive but essential man on the farm and his role. 

Love him or loathe him, Jeremy Clarkson has had a long and exciting career on television. The journalist, broadcaster, and car fanatic has been a staple on British television, and beyond, since the late nineteen eighties, with shows such as Top Gear, Robot Wars, and Have I Got News For You.

Still, for this article, we are focusing on his latest project, Clarkson’s Farm, which follows the ups and downs that go along with running, you guessed it, a farm. The show introduces us to other members of Clarkson’s team, and one of his hard-working crew is Charlie Ireland. This article has nothing to do with Jeremy but instead asks who Charlie Ireland is from Clarkson’s Farm?

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Who is Charlie Ireland from Clarkson’s Farm?

Clarkson’s Farm became a hit for Amazon Prime Video, and the reality show would introduce us to many people that Jeremy relies on for help in his project to run his farm.

One of the unknown cast would be introduced as Cheerful Charlie and become a staple of the series and a favorite of viewers and fans of the show. Charlie is Jeremy’s adviser and land agent, offering up all kinds of information, from where to plant crops to how much money they have left in the budget. The cheerful part of his nickname is an ironic nod to the fact that Charlie very rarely has any good news to impart.

It was at the University of Nottingham, in England, that Charlie would study agriculture, working at business Strutt and Parker as an agricultural consultant. Charlie keeps his private life out of the show and the public eye. We hear him talk a bit about his family, but we don’t know about Charlie Ireland’s wife or his family; although the Daily Mail confirms he has sons, we don’t know how many or what their ages are. Charlie grew up in the village of Upper Rissington in Gloucestershire.

What is Charlie Ireland’s job on Clarkson’s Farm?

Charlie is an adviser and land agent in all aspects of the farming game for Jeremy Clarkson. He has extensive knowledge about farming and attended the University of Nottingham from 1996 to 1999, where he gained much of the knowledge he needed to be a consultant. However, Charlie goes above and beyond his role, keeping everything ticking over at the farm.

Charlie is taking care of the business, planning, and budgets of Diddly Squat Farm. He helps Jeremy navigate the legalities around farming and dealing with the local council authorities. In season two of the show, Charlie is also on hand to help with Clarkson’s plans to open a restaurant. Charlie Ireland’s salary is unknown, but he is still a consultant and working on the tv show.

How old is Charlie Ireland?

It is not on the public record how old Charlie is. It would be safe to say he is in his fifties.

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