Where is Thayne Ormsby now? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: March 8, 2023

Where is Thayne Ormsby now? We discuss the killer and explain the background of his horrific and shocking story that rocked the world. 

The horrific triple murder case in the Northern Maine town of Amity shocked the nation due to the savage and brutal actions of convicted killer Thayne Ormsby. Since the crime in 2010, Ormsby has appealed against the conviction thrice. If you are a fan of true crime, then I do not doubt that this case will have piqued your interest, so this article will offer up some facts about Thayne Ormsby in 2023.

Who is Thayne Ormsby?

At the time of the triple murder, Ormsby was a drifter and an outsider in the small Canadian border town. He had been living in the home of Robert and Joy Stroud, not far from where the killings took place.

Ormsby was a high school dropout despite having good grades and would be easily angered by trivial things. He was separated from his mother at age twelve and spent much time with an uncle. Ormsby suffered abuse from an early age at his family home, leading to him being sent to live with his uncle. In a Facebook post, he wrote, “I have but two passions, love and war.”

What age was Thayne Ormsby when he committed the murders?

Thayne was twenty years old at the time of the killings. Thane Ormsby’s birthday is on April 22nd; he was born in 1990.

What did Thayne Ormsby do?

Thayne Ormsby brutally murdered three people in Maine in 2010. The victims were Jeffrey Ryan, his 10-year-old son Jesse, and Jeffrey’s friend Jason DeHahn. Ormsby would use a knife to stab his victims.

There seemed to be no motivation for the frenzied attack, although Ormsby would say he killed Jeffrey Ryan as he suspected he was a drug dealer.

How did Jeffrey Ryan die?

Jeffrey Ryan died from multiple stab wounds inflicted by Ormsby.

Is Thayne Ormsby still in prison?

Yes, he is. In 2012, Ormsby was found guilty of three counts of murder and one of arson. The arson was about a car that was stolen at the murder scene and that was set on fire to conceal evidence. He received three life sentences and a further 15 years for the arson. He is incarcerated in Maine State Prison, located in Warren, Knox County.

He has appealed against his sentence unsuccessfully three times. He was found criminally responsible at the time of the murders, and although the judge was made aware of his neglect as a child, it did not sway his final judgment.

Is Thayne Ormsby alive?

Yes. he is alive and in prison, where he will probably die as his sentence was life without parole.

Where can you watch a documentary about Thayne Ormsby?

There was a tv series that ran for two seasons in 2015 called Unravelled, and the third episode of season one, Ordained to Kill, would dramatically reconstruct the incident.

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