Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – who is Baron?

March 9, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Episode 7 has some powerful moments that lead to it being one of the better episodes of season one of Wolf Pack.

We recap the Paramount+ series Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 7, which contains spoilers.

In Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 6, we saw another person fall victim to the massive werewolf while Garrett (Rodrigo Santoro) made a decision that brought out the inner wolf in the kids. We have reached the second to last episode of the season, and much to unpack (see what I did there).

Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 7 Recap 

The episode begins with Everett waking up in the middle of the night and realizing that the new wolf that Garrett shot at was in his room. However, as he approaches him to get him to remember his name, the wolf freaks out and disappears. A few moments later, the two begin to talk, and the kid mentions that it happens every night, and it’s not him. Time-lapse, and it is the following morning, and Everett’s mom asks if he is going to get ready for school.

Kirsten arrives at Garrett’s house to talk to Harlan, but he has already left for school. She tosses a bullet found at the scene, which she knew was his. After a bit of banter, she tells him to bring Harlan to her office, and he won’t need a lawyer because she’ll protect him as if he was one of her own. Danny and Blake’s dad tell Danny to gather his stuff as they check out the hotel.

Everett is telling the others what happened, and everyone is unsure why the wolf is approaching him. He follows this by saying that he thinks the group should try to hunt down and catch a werewolf. They found a body at the hotel, and Kristen wants Blake in for questioning. Next, Everett asks his mother for the keys to the car to help Blake, she says no, but he takes them anyway. Finally, Blake arrives at the hotel and sees all the cops.

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Kristen approaches Blake and tells her she has to take her down to the station for questioning. Her father speaks up, but Blake says she will speak to her if nothing happens to Danny. Next, Everett explains to Harlan that the only way to save the new wolf is to kill the wolf and bring the human back to life. Luna approaches Austin to be their bait to capture the wolf, and he agrees to do it.

Kristen and Garrett are doing recon work at a site to find evidence. After Garrett walks away, we see the fire in Kristen’s eyes as she remembers what happened on the night of the first fire. The firefighters thought they had killed the wolf, but they saw another one appear who transformed into a woman-ish. The creature/woman attacks the firefighters and kills them one by one.

Is Kristen a werewolf?

Yes, Kristen is a werewolf. After much debate all season long of why Kristen is so involved in this case, it was finally revealed more of a back story of who she is in this scene. In a flashback, we see from her eyes the firefighters thought they killed the wolf. However, the wolf’s mate arrives angry, and she transforms into a human form, but still with wolf-like features. She proceeds to kill each of them. It was a young Kristen, which explains why she is as invested in what is happening in the town as she is.

Now, Austin and Luna are preparing for him to be the bait. Things don’t go as planned because the wolf doesn’t see Austin as a threat. Luna comes up with a plan for Austin to hit her. Instead, he kisses her, which works as the wolf chases after them. At first, the wolf gets the best of everyone, but as he has Everett up in the air, Everett calls him by his name, Baron, and he lets him down gently.

Who is Baron?

While we don’t have all the details on who Baron is, we know he is a wolf wreaking havoc on the city. Additionally, we know he has some potential relation to our wolfpack and possibly even Kristen.

Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 7 Ending

After they calm him down, the team goes in to save his life. Blake mentions there is no pulse and says someone needs to do CPR, and Everett is freaking out because the epi shot is nowhere to be found. Moments later, Austin comes into the room and says he got it, walks over, and stabs him in the chest with a knife, and the episode ends.

What did you think of Wolf Pack Season 1 Episode 7? Comment below.

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