Will there be a Bluey Season 4?

March 10, 2023
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We discuss whether there will be a Season 4 of Bluey. We discuss the popular animated series and whether it will be renewed.

If you haven’t heard of Bluey yet, I’m sure you will soon. The Australian preschool animated series might have been made for children, but it’s become equally popular with adults – especially those in their twenties and thirties. Whether you have kids or not, a few of Bluey‘s short episodes are a great way to relieve stress as you follow this anthropomorphic family of dogs set in Brisbane, Australia.

While it is produced by the Australian Ludo Studio and distributed by BBC Studios, it now airs on Disney Junior and Disney+. The series follows a family of Australian cattle dogs and their dog friends of other breeds. Parents Bandit and Chilli frequently indulge in make-believe with their children, six-year-old Bluey and four-year-old Bingo.

The show is remarkable both for its realistic representation of child play and the relationship between siblings but also for how it approaches difficult topics in a way that’s appropriate for children. Its charming animation style and humor can elicit laughter from people of any age. Something is amusing about listening to young children with Australian accents and Bluey and Bingo get up to enough mischief to entertain you for hours.

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Their world is pretty fleshed out with an extended family (Uncle Rad is my favorite, though my sister loves their chaotic cousin Muffin) and a preschool full of other children. In addition to the children’s hijinks, it’s fun to watch Bandit and Chilli navigate parenthood and their relationship with each other, including occasional disputes over who is supposed to be looking after the kids.

Will there be a Bluey Season 4?

With the popularity of Bluey, it’s little surprise that so many people are wondering when we’ll see Bluey Season 4 episodes. There were rumors floating around in 2022 that the show was ending with its third season. However, the official Bluey Twitter confirmed no plans to end the show anytime soon. So we can assume that we will see a Season 4.

Bluey Season 4 Release Date

Season 3 of Bluey first aired on Disney+ on August 10, 2022. However, there are currently only twenty-seven episodes available for the season, as opposed to the 51 episodes of Season 2. 37 episodes aired in Australia for Season 3, so Americans are still waiting to get the last ten episodes of this past season. We’ll likely receive those before seeing Bluey Season 4 Episode 1.

Maybe we’ll get an official release date for Season 4 when the last episodes of Season 3 are dropped. But we likely won’t see Season 4 until at least August 2023, or perhaps even the beginning of 2024.

Will Bluey Season 4 be on Disney+?

But where can we watch Bluey Season 4 when it releases? All sources indicate no plans to move the show from its home on Disney Junior and Disney+. Until the new season comes out, you can always rewatch the first three (or two and a half) seasons on the streaming service.

You can watch Bluey with a subscription to Disney+.

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    Bluey is a family of blue and red heelers

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