The Glory Season 1 Episode 10 Recap – Who killed Myeong-o?

March 10, 2023
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Yeon-jin finally gets outwitted as the fate of Myeong-o is revealed and Dong-eun retains the upper hand.

This recap of Netflix k-drama The Glory Season 1 Episode 10 contains spoilers.

While Yeon-jin is the kind of person who would seemingly bully just about anyone, it has always been clear that she targeted Dong-eun specifically because of her socioeconomic status. The poor can’t enact revenge on the wealthy. Their word means little when anyone they might turn to can be paid off, and that includes, tragically for Dong-eun, her own family.

The Glory Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

How does Yeon-jin try to get back at Dong-eun?

So, just how Dong-eun’s mother apparently accepted a payout back in the day to convince Dong-eun to drop out of school, so too does she agree to force Dong-eun to resign in the present day when faced with Yeon-jin’s offer of financial recompense. Honestly, there’s no surprise Dong-eun is so annoyed.

This isn’t the only way that Yeon-jin throws her influence around. She also offers money and help to Hyeon-Nam, volunteering to get rid of her husband for her, if she simply agrees to betray Dong-eun. Nothing much has changed since her school days; Dong-eun still lacks the means to buy loyalty, and she will continue to be outbid. Luckily, that isn’t the only form of currency she can bargain with.

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Hye-jeong, on Dong-eun’s instruction, lures Yeon-jin to Yeo-jeong’s clinic, where she deliberately taunts her about Do-yeong buying her an expensive bag and trying to sleep with her. Hyeon-Nam and Dong-eun laugh about Yeon-jin’s manipulations, and Dong-eun is able to help her with her daughter. The tide is turning, and that is strongly felt as we progress through Episode 10.

Who killed Myeong-o?

The late highlight is Yeon-jin agreeing to visit Yeo-Jeong’s clinic for some of her own work doing, perhaps inspired by her marriage falling apart around her ears, but as she slips into unconsciousness under the anesthesia, Yeo-jeong asks her what happened to Myeong-o. So, she slips off into a restless sleep, which for us is a flashback sequence showing how she killed Myeong-o, hitting him over the head with a bottle when he tricked her into exposing her role in So-he’s death.

When she wakes up, she realizes immediately that she has probably given away much more than she should have. Of course, this isn’t exactly admissible evidence, but it’s enough for now, and with Dong-eun also meeting Do-yeong to show him the extent of his wife’s abuse, she’s beginning to turn everyone to her side of the aisle.

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