Will there be a sequel to Luther: The Fallen Sun?

March 11, 2023
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We discuss whether there will be a Luther: The Fallen Sun 2, a sequel to the Netflix film, and will contain spoilers. 

The highly anticipated film continuation of the award-winning British mystery thriller Luther finally premiered on Netflix after a limited theatrical run last month. Idris Elba reprised his role as the renowned detective John Luther, who now finds himself in prison while a deranged serial killer (played by Andy Serkis) insists on taunting him. After escaping from said prison, Luther goes on a mission to find and stop his new nemesis by whatever means necessary. 

Critical response to Luther’s first full feature was mixed, at best. According to Ready Steady Cut critic M.N. Miller, Luther: The Fallen Sun can be, at times, a riveting and genuinely frightening crime thriller. Other times, the movie can be overrun by illuminating transgressive topics many are ashamed of.”

Despite the movie’s lukewarm reception, Luther is a popular character, and Idris Elba’s performance was nothing short of top-notch. And the thriller’s ending leaves the door open to start an entire film franchise. 

Elba already made his hopes clear about future films, “We do have the ambition to take it into a franchise because now that you’ve got a film landscape, you’ve got bigger budgets, but also you’ve just got more stories we can tell,” he told Radio Times. What are the chances of a sequel, and when could we expect it to drop?

Luther: The Fallen Sun sequel potential release date

A sequel to Luther: The Fallen Sun has yet to be confirmed by Netflix. The first film began filming in November 2021 and premiered on Netflix in March 2023. Should Netflix greenlight the project, and if work on the sequel starts this year, we’re probably looking at a 2025 release date at the earliest. 

Luther: The Fallen Sun sequel cast – who might be in it?

While Idris Elba has said in interviews that he’d like to see someone else wear the iconic leather jacket at some point in the future, we can’t imagine a sequel to Luther: The Fallen Sun without him. We might also see Cynthia Erivo reprising her role as DCI Odette Raine and Dermot Crowley as Martin Schenk. We didn’t see Ruth Wilson coming back as Luther’s dangerous on-again, off-again girlfriend, Alice, in the first film, but the character’s return in a potential sequel isn’t out of the question. 

Luther: The Fallen Sun sequel plot: what could Luther: The Fallen Sun 2 be about?

Luther: The Fallen Sun with the protagonist being approached by MI5 agents with what’s likely to be an offer of employment. At this point in the story, his options are to either work for the government or return to prison. Could Luther finally renounce his DCI role and take on a spy-type job akin to 007? Maybe the government needs him to track down and bring to justice the one woman he always lets go – Alice Morgan. 

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  • March 13, 2023 at 6:54 pm

    I’ve followed all of the Luther shows and I loved Luther: The Fallen Sun! I want him to keep making movies. He’s a great and probably my favorite! Keep it up Idris Elba! I love you!

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