Who is Bloom Li? The Star from Chang Can Dunk

March 13, 2023 (Last updated: 5 days ago)
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Who is Bloom Li? We discuss the upcoming star from Chang Can Dunk, including the movies and TV shows he has appeared on.

Chang Can Dunk is a coming-of-age movie that stars Bloom Li. In the film, he plays sixteen-year-old Bernard Chang, a five-foot-eight American Asian teenager that loves basketball and is also in love with Kirsty. In an attempt to impress his crush, win the admiration of his peers, and be more accepted at school, he bets that he will make a slam dunk.

He sets off on a training schedule to help him achieve his goal, but along the way, he discovers more important things about himself and his life.

The film has some life lessons usually attached to this kind of movie, but this article focuses more on the actor who plays the lead.

Who is Bloom Li?

Bloom Li is the son of Chinese immigrants and grew up in Chinatown and Brooklyn in New York. He would go on to the University of California, where he would star in some short-form movies that would be shown at various film festivals. However, it was not all plain sailing for Li, and he received pushback from his parents, that felt he should not pursue an acting career.

His parents tried encouraging him to follow them in their chosen garment-making professions, but he had other ideas. His parents would eventually be won over, though, and start to understand their son’s passion for acting. Chang Can Dunk is his first lead in a movie, and luckily is a basketball fan. Although Bloom Li is five foot ten inches tall, he had to embark on a training program to learn how to dunk for himself.

How old is Bloom Li?

Bloom Li is 28 years old, and his birthday is January 10th, 1994 (age and birthday confirmed by official source).

Is Bloom Li on Instagram or TikTok?

You can watch clips of Bloom Li on Tik Tok through the Disney Channel profile. He has an Instagram page too, and you can follow him on @bloomli_

What other movies or TV Shows has Bloom Li appeared on?

Bloom Li started in various short films before attending some TV appearances. Chang Can Dunk is his first leading role in a movie.

  • Blind Spot (2016)
  • What You Don’t Say (2017)
  • Back to One (2017)
  • 3 Times She Met Another Indonesian (2017)
  • From Start to Finish (2018)
  • Incel (2018)
  • Afterimages (2020)
  • Valley (2020)
  • Ransom (2022)

In 2018, he would find work in two episodes of My Dead Ex. In 2019, the actor would secure more work in various TV shows. These show one episode of Into The Dark, S.W.A.T, and Discover Indie Films. In 2020, he would land a role in seven episodes of the TV series Pretty Dudes. 

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