How did the Boston Strangler die? Albert DeSalvo’s Death Explained

March 19, 2023
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How did the Boston Strangler die? We explain the crimes committed by Albert DeSalvo, his time in prison, and his eventual death. 

The Boston Strangler is a well-known criminal who allegedly killed 13 single women aged between 19 and 85. These crimes took place nearly two years until Albert DeSalvo was arrested, though for different crimes. This was the subject of the 1968 film, which was based on the 1966 book by Gerold Frank.

Now, there is a Boston Strangler movie on Hulu, jumping in on the true crime craze. The film goes over the murders in detail. It focuses on the two reporters, Loretta McLaughlin, played by Keira Knightley, and Jean Cole, played by Carrie Coon, who managed to connect the dots and link all murders back to the same killer. Matt Ruskin wrote and directed the feature film.

Is the Boston Strangler still alive?

Albert DeSalvo died on November 25, 1973, aged 42. He was born on September 3, 1931, in the state of Massachusetts, and during his life, he committed several murders in the city of Boston, earning him the title of the Boston Strangler.

While he was never convicted of the murders when he was alive, DNA evidence found in 2013 linked him to the death of his last alleged victim, Mary Sullivan, who was just 19 years old when she died.

Massachusetts law enforcement confirmed this connected the two with a “99.9%” certainty but hasn’t released anything about the other killings.

How did the Boston Strangler die?

The Boston Strangler died in 1973 in the high-security prison called Walpole. He was found stabbed to death in the prison’s infirmary. Police have said they questioned a suspect about his death, but no one was ever charged or arrested for his murder.

It seems like this mystery has been lost to time, as no one has confessed to killing the serial killer.

How long was Albert DeSalvo in jail?

Albert DeSalvo wasn’t initially arrested for the murders he committed. Due to a lack of physical evidence, prosecutors had a hard time proving he was the murderer. When he did eventually confess to the murders, he was serving a life sentence for several other, separate crimes, such as sexual assault and burglaries against four other women. He was arrested in 1964 and was held at the medium-security prison called the Bridgewater State Hospital.

DeSalvo was sentenced to a life sentence in 1967, not for the murders, but for the crimes mentioned above. It wasn’t long until he escaped. In February of that year, he escaped the prison to bring attention to the conditions at the hospital. While a manhunt was ordered to find him, DeSalvo turned himself in three days later and was transferred to a maximum security prison called Walpole, where he confessed to the murders. He would stay in jail until he died in 1973.

This means he was in prison for around nine years.

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