Will there be a Farzi Season 2? [March 24th Update]

March 24, 2023
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Will there be a Farzi season 2? We discuss whether a second season of the hit Amazon Prime show is possible.

Farzi is a comedy-thriller that debuted on Amazon Prime Video in February 2023, following Sunny (Shahid Kapoor), an artist in India after he fails to keep his grandfather’s revolutionary printing press in business, and as a result, becomes the income inequality in the country. He joins his best friend Firoz (Bhuvan Arora) to make counterfeit money.

But their plans, of course, don’t go smoothly, and they face challenges from not only cops like Michael (Vijay Sethupathi) but gangsters like Mansoor (Kay Kay Menon). The show is created by directors duo Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K, collectively knowns as Raj and DK. They’re best known for their work on The Family Man, a spy thriller show that started in 2019 and so far has two seasons.

Both this show and The Family Man appear to be in the same universe, with Amazon Prime sharing a video of actor Manoj Bajpayee appearing as his character from The Family Man, saying that he could have solved the Farzi case faster than Michael.

Will there be a Season 2 of Farzi?

While there has been no official confirmation by Amazon on whether Farzi will receive a season two, star Shahid Kapoor has seemingly confirmed that a season two is indeed on the cards. Speaking at an event, he said, “Farzi season 2 I am sure it will happen, but these things take time. Series will take one to two years for post-production alone”.

This is bound to be great news for fans of the comedy-thriller, as the show ended by leaving the door for season two open. Michael finally agrees to grant his wife the divorce she’s been asking for and turns to the bottle to drown his sorrows. This puts him in the awkward position of ruining his relationship with his son and maybe even his career. Sunny falls in love with Megha, who is bound to find out that he is the criminal she’s been hunting all this time.

Farzi Season 2 Release Date

Farzi doesn’t have a release date yet, but it doesn’t seem likely to come out any time soon. In the quote above, Kapoor references that post-production took between one to two years, indicating that audiences will be waiting some time for a second season.

Another potential barrier to getting a second season out quickly is the script. In an interview with The Times of India, Kapoor explained that Raj and DK wouldn’t start shooting until they were entirely sure of the script. The creators are also busy with Citadel and The Family Man, so a second season of Farzi is taking a back seat.

How many seasons of Farzi are there?

There is currently one season of Farzi out right now, with it containing eight episodes that are between 55 and 60 minutes in length. Each one is a detailed expansion of the world, going deep into the counterfeiting organizations and showing their effects on the world.

How Episodes of Farzi are there?

Until there’s official confirmation, there are only 8 episodes of Farzi. With a second season rumored, we’d expect there to be 16.

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