New Upcoming K-Dramas to Watch in April 2023

March 24, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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We discuss the New Upcoming K-Dramas to Watch in April 2023. Keep this page handy to keep track of the latest Korean Drama offerings.

If you like medical dramas, fish-out-of-water housewife scenarios, rogue male lead crime comedies, or are anxiously waiting for sequels to your favorite k-drama, April is your month because they’re coming in twos!

April kicks off with one of two sequels for the month. First, it’s the second season for Decoy, a gritty crime thriller whose Part 1 aired earlier this year.

The second is Romantic Doctor Season 3, another follow-up to the award-winning medical drama. (Its second season was just as solid as its first, so looking forward to a great third season!).

Speaking of medical dramas, Doctor Cha tells the story of a housewife who returns to the medical field after a 20-year hiatus from the practice. Pale Moon, another drama about a housewife returning to the workforce, centers on a bored housewife who takes a job at the bank, only to find her life upended when she comes in contact with money.

Two crime capers comedies will also make an appearance. Stealer: The Treasurer Keeper features a rather unimpressive undercover civil servant who recovers cultural artifacts in his spare time.

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And Family: The Unbreakable Bond presents the story of an ordinary office worker who secretly works for the National Intelligence Service. (The drama also marks the fourth reunion of leads Jang Hyuk and Jang Na-Ra in a Korean production).

Anyway, let’s break down the new and upcoming K-Dramas in April 2023. Thanks to AsianWiki for the plot summaries.

New Upcoming K-Dramas to Watch in April 2023

Decoy Part 2

Genre: Thriller, Crime

Episodes:  6

Air date: April 7

Gu Do-Hann is a former lawyer, now a detective. He chases after the truth behind an unsolved crime that took place in the past through cases that take place in the present. He crosses paths with Reporter Cheon Na-Yeon and a swindler named No Sang-Cheon.

Pale Moon

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Romance

Episodes:  10

Air date: April 10

Yoo Yi-Hwa lives with her husband, who is indifferent to her. Yoo Yi-Hwa’s life as a housewife is comfortable but boring. She begins to work at a bank as a contract worker and regains her confidence. Yoo Yi-Hwa then begins to steal money from her clients.

Bo Ra! Deborah

Genre:  Comedy, Romance

Episodes: 14

Air date:  April 12

Yeon Bo-Ra is a writer, and she works under the pen name of Deborah. She is the author of a best-selling book about love, and she is also famous as a dating coach.  As Deborah, Yeon Bo-Ra is honest, witty, and popular with women. As Yeon Bo-Ra, things are different for her.

Lee Soo-Hyeok works as a publishing planner. He is an unpredictable man. He is sometimes gentle and passionate to women but sometimes indifferent and cold. Love is a difficult thing for him. He doesn’t like Deborah, who talks like she knows everything about love, but he unexpectedly gets involved with Yeon Bo-Ra and faces a change in his life.

Stealer: The Treasurer Keeper

Genre: Adventure, Thriller, Mystery, Comedy

Episodes:  12

Air date:  April 12

Skunk is a thief who specializes in cultural assets. He teams up with Karma, which is an unofficial cultural assets recovery team, to redeem cultural assets and punish those who are able to evade the law.


Genre: Political

Episodes: 12

Air Date: April 14

Hwang Do-Hee is a general manager for a strategic planning team at Eunsung Group. She is good at dealing with public opinion. She takes care of disturbing cases for the company, and she is highly trusted by her employers.

One day, she joins Oh Seung-Sook’s campaign to become the mayor of Seoul. Oh Seung-Sook is a human rights lawyer who often went up against the Eunsung Group. She decided to run for mayor with the goal of fighting for the weak.

Doctor Cha

Genre: Medical

Episodes:  16

Air date: April 15

Cha Jung-Sook is married to Seo In-Ho, who works as a chief surgeon at a university hospital. He has a strict, sensitive and thorough personality. Cha Jung-Sook has been a full-time housewife for the past 20 years, after giving up her career as a doctor during her medical resident years. After all those years, she decides to restart her medical residency.

Family: The Unbreakable Bond

Genre: Action, Thriller, Comedy

Episodes: 12

Air date:  April 17

Kwon Do-Hoon is married to Kang Yoo-Ra. He is a secret agent for the NIS (National Intelligence Service) and a veteran sniper with a quick and highly accurate shot. By day, he disguises himself as an ordinary employee for a trading company. Even his wife Kang Yoo-Ra believes he holds an ordinary office job. Kwon Do-Hoon is busy with his work, so he is unable to spend much time with Kang Yoo-Ra. She works as a housewife and does it well, but she also has a secret.

Dr. Romantic Season 3

Genre: Medical

Episodes:  16

Air date:  April 21

Teacher Kim enjoys his life in seclusion in a small clinic. New and old employees learn about life values and comfort from love.

Queen of the Mask

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Melodrama

Episodes: 16

Air Date: April 24

The lives of four women are drawn into a vortex due to one man.

The Good Bad Mother

Genre: Comedy, Life

Episodes:  14

Air date:  April 26

Young-Soon is a single mother who runs a pig farm. She raised her son Kang-Ho alone. Young-Soon made herself into a bad mother and was strict with Kang-Ho because she didn’t want him to become like her.

Now, Kang-Ho is all grown up. He works as a prosecutor and has a cold-hearted personality. While pursuing his career and holding his own secret, he turned away from his mother Young-Soon. One day, Kang-Ho has an unexpected accident and becomes like a child. He returns to his hometown and begins a new life with his bad mother Young-Soon.

And that completes the new and upcoming K-Dramas in April 2023. What are you looking forward to the most? Comment below.

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