Where was Murder Mystery 2 filmed?

March 31, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Where was Murder Mystery 2 filmed? We discuss the popular Netflix film and its filming locations. It does not contain spoilers.

Murder Mystery 2 was released on Netflix on March 31. It is a sequel to the 2019 film of the same name, which starred Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler as a couple who go on vacation to rejuvenate their marriage. On their European trip, they are framed for the murder of a billionaire.

Murder Mystery 2 sees Aniston and Sandler reprise their roles as the Spitz family, now private detectives. They embark on a new hilarious adventure as their friend is kidnapped from his wedding.

With the gorgeous private island and stunning ocean that the Maharaja jet skis on in the trailer, you may wonder where Murder Mystery 2 was filmed.

Where was Murder Mystery 2 filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Oahu, Hawaii

Netflix Life reported that filming for Murder Mystery 2 took place in Oahu, Hawaii. Jennifer Aniston confirmed this in February 2022 with an Instagram picture of her with Adam Sandler at a Hawaiian beach.

She then posted a fun video of the cast and crew on set by the water, surrounded by Hawaiian palm trees.

Oahu is a breathtaking island in the Central Pacific, home to Hawaii’s state capital, Honolulu. It’s a great tourist attraction because of its energetic city nightlife and casual surf towns. And, of course, its many beaches are beautiful and an excellent backdrop for the Spitz family chaos.

Paris, France

Filming for Murder Mystery 2 also took place in Paris, France. The film features shots of the beautiful Eiffel Tower. There’s also a French song playing in the background of a lively Parisian restaurant before Audrey and Nick crash through it.

Paris is the capital of France and a great tourist attraction because it’s a hub for art, fashion, and culture. It’s home to landmarks like the aforementioned Eiffel Tower and the Gothic Notre Dame cathedral.

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