Where is Amari Carter from Next in Fashion now?

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 1, 2023 (Last updated: March 12, 2024)
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Where is Amari Carter from Next in Fashion now? We discuss the popular Netflix series and where she is now. 

Lovers of designer clothing and fashion are devouring the reality TV series Next in Fashion on Netflix. The show offers a designer a chance to win $200,000 and showcase their collection on Net-a-Porter.

Unfortunately, in true Netflix style, the show was cancelled after one season, but mysteriously there was a change of heart, and the show did get a second shot on the runway in March 2023.

As is often the case with Reality TV, it is the characters that appear that make the show, and this beautifully designed article will look at a viewer’s favourite and ask the question, where is Amari Carter from Next in Fashion now?

Where is Amari Carter from Next in Fashion now?

Amari Carter came fourth in the show’s second season and currently works as a Women’s Wear Designer for New York & Company.

She is also the owner of the business Yor Atelier. Amari has had work featured in Kolor Magazine.

Who is Amari Carter?

Amari hails from a small suburb in Atlanta and graduated from the London College of Fashion. Her striking designs extensively use black and white, and she uses a minimalistic style in her line, including lingerie.

Amari’s parents are Stephon and Latonya Carter, and she has a brother Storm who owns his own studio also in Atlanta. It seems that Storm and his dad also own their own brewing company and still have time to run his own clothing brand called Feelin’ Peachy.

In interviews, Amari often speaks of her Grandmother and designs a dress for her in her honour. Although her Grandmother had died after filming the show, Amari would say in an interview, “I know she’s rejoicing. I feel like she’s always with me. I feel so much positivity and gratefulness.”

How old is Amari Carter?

We don’t know when Amari Carter’s birthday is, but an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia revealed her age to be 26 (Date of this RSC article: April 1, 2023).

Is Amari Carter on Instagram and TikTok?

You can join Amari’s 38.3k followers on Instagram. The designer is very family orientated, and her posts include pictures of her designs, and you can find her @napsnlollipops.

The name comes from her love of sweets and taking power naps. We couldn’t find an official account for Amari on Tik Tok.

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