What’s coming to Netflix in April 2023?

April 1, 2023 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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This article discusses what’s coming to Netflix in April 2023.

Welcome to our monthly rundown of what’s coming to Netflix in April 2023. Please note, this article focuses primarily on original content rather than licensed fare, with particular attention paid to recognizable IPs or hotly-anticipated movies and shows. Since complete information isn’t available right now, this article will be regularly updated throughout the month with the latest additions as and when we get them. And do remember that here at Ready Steady Cut we offer the most comprehensive coverage of all streaming releases, so be sure to check back regularly not just for updates but for links to our reviews and recaps for April’s offerings.

What’s coming to Netflix in April 2023?

April 2

War Sailor — When WWII erupts, two sailors on a Norwegian merchant ship face brutal conditions as they fight to survive a conflict they were never asked to join.

Mo’Nique: My Name is Mo’Nique — Stand-up comedy special.

April 4

The Signing — In this competition, young artists must impress Latin music icons like Rauw Alejandro, Nicki Nicole and Yandel to score the contract of a lifetime.

April 5

Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now — Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now is an all-access documentary that follows the young artist as he attempts to return to his roots and reconnect with his former life, bringing with him all the trappings of global success.

The Nutty Boy (Season 2) Nutty Boy is an out-of-the-box kid with big ideas who loves involving everyone in his adventures — even though they don’t usually go as planned!

April 6

Beef — A road rage incident between two strangers — a failing contractor and an unfulfilled entrepreneur — sparks a feud that brings out their darkest impulses.

IRL — In Real Love — Rannvijay Singha and Gauahar Khan host this reality dating series with an experimental twist.

April 7

Oh Belinda — A young actor’s perfect life takes a madcap turn when she agrees to star in a commercial — and suddenly gets transported to her character’s world.

Chupa — While visiting family in Mexico, a lonely boy befriends a mythical creature hiding on his grandfather’s ranch and embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.

Transatlantic — Two Americans and their allies form a scrappy rescue operation in 1940 Marseilles to help artists, writers and other refugees fleeing Europe during WWII.

Thicker Than Water — A journalist’s life devolves into chaos when she shields her brother from the law, inadvertently entangling her family in a drug lord’s merciless scheme.

Kings of Mulberry Street: Let Love Reign — When Granny Chetty is abducted by an evil ex-cop, Ticky and Baboo return for a wild rescue mission, complete with a prized necklace and a musical show.

April 8

Hunger — A talented young street-food cook pushes herself to the limit after accepting an invitation to train under an infamous and ruthless chef.

April 10

CoComelon — Learn letters, numbers, animal sounds, and more with JJ in this musical series that brings fun times with nursery rhymes for the whole family!

April 11

Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman — Stand-up comedy special.

April 12

American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing — Three-part docuseries.

Operation Nation

Celeste Barber Fine, Thanks — Stand-up comedy special.

Smother-in-Law (Season 2) — Living with her family since the pandemic struck, the meddling Isadir does her best to disrupt the lives of her bumbling son and rival daughter-in-law.

April 13

Florida Man — A disgraced cop in debt is forced to return to his home state of Florida for a shady mission only to get swept up in a wild — and deadly — treasure hunt.

The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib — Framed for a corporate crime, an adult Ted Templeton turns back into the Boss Baby to live undercover with his brother, Tim, posing as one of his kids.

Obsession — British thriller series.

Alex Schwazer: Running for My Truth — After being banned for doping, Olympic medalist race walker Alex Schwazer enlists one of his accusers to help him make a comeback.

April 14

Queenmaker — After a crisis of conscience, a powerful fixer uses her skills to boost a civil rights lawyer’s mayoral campaign and take down her former employer.

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die — Following the death of King Edward, invaders and rival heirs do battle for the crown. Uthred and his comrades strive to form a united England.

Queens on the Run — The series follows ten Brazilian drag artists from across the country in a competition for the title of “Supreme Drag”.

Phenomena — Three middle-aged women who investigate paranormal events are put to the test when their leader Father Pilón disappears. Inspired by the real Hepta Group.

April 15

Doctor Cha — It tells the story of a medical graduate turned housewife but decided to return to the medical field, and a doctor husband who maintains a perfect dual life. He is great at his job and he is also great at cheating on his wife.

April 17

Oggy Oggy (Season 2) — Join adorable kitten Oggy Oggy and his cat pals in a bright and colorful kitty world. They’re always on the go for fun times and fantastic adventures!

April 18

How to Get Rich — Called How to Get Rich, the series will see author and financial adviser Ramit Sethi travel the country helping people master their finances.

Longest Third Date — When Khani and Matt met on a dating app, they had no idea COVID-19 would turn their spur-of-the-moment trip to Costa Rica into a months-long adventure.

April 19

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Once & Always — After tragedy strikes, an unlikely young hero takes her rightful place among the Power Rangers to get revenge on the team’s oldest archnemesis.

Chimp Empire  A vast community of chimpanzees thrives in a forest in Uganda, navigating complex social politics, family dynamics and dangerous territory disputes.

The Marked Heart (Season 2) — A man hell-bent on exacting revenge on the organ trafficking organization that murdered his wife becomes involved with the woman who received her heart.

April 20

Ex-Addicts Club — A support group of five quirky strangers try to move on with their lives after breaking up with their respective exes.

The Diplomat — The Diplomat is a British political thriller series written by Ben Richards and directed by Jill Robertson and Jenny Paddon. It stars Sophie Rundle as Laura Simmonds, a diplomat living in Barcelona, Spain, who works to protect several British nationals who finds themselves in trouble.

Tooth Pari: When Love Bites — A rebellious vampire with a broken tooth falls for a shy dentist on the streets of Kolkata — but will human and mystical forces keep them apart?

April 21

One More Time — This fantasy drama follows an indie band singer who repeatedly undergoes unwanted time slips and the girlfriend he must save from an unlucky fate.

Rough Diamonds — When a prodigal son sends his family’s empire into crushing debt, his estranged brother returns to Antwerp’s diamond district to pick up the pieces.

Chokehold — Evading a scandal, a couple from Istanbul starts over in a town on the Aegean coast — but quickly discover the locals are determined to get rid of them.

Indian Matchmaking (Season 3) Matchmaker Sima Taparia guides clients around the world in the arranged marriage process, offering an inside look at the custom in a modern era.

Welcome to Eden (Season 2) — A group of young adults attend a party on a remote island, but the tempting paradise they find waiting for them holds dangerous secrets and entrapments.

April 22

Ada Twist, Scientist (Season 2) — Pint-sized scientist Ada Twist and her two best friends are asking big questions — and working together to discover the truth about everything!

April 25

John Mulaney: Baby J — Stand-up special.

April 26

Love After Music — A journey through 30 years in the life of Fito Páez, one of the Argentina’s greatest musicians, who changed the history of Hispanic rock forever.

Working Moms (Season 7) — From asking the grandparents to babysit to dealing with postpartum depression, four mom friends experience the realities of life after giving birth.

The Good Bad Mother — A drama about a mother, Young Soon, who has lived for her child all her life, and her son, prosecutor Kang Ho, who suffers from amnesia in an unexpected accident and goes back to being a child.

Kiss, Kiss — Convinced he can charm any woman, a tenacious flirt sets his sights on a headstrong bride-to-be engaged to the son of an ambitious politician.

April 27

A Tourist’s Guide to Love — After an unexpected breakup, a travel executive accepts an assignment to go under cover and learn about the tourist industry in Vietnam. Along the way, she finds adventure and romance with her Vietnamese expat tour guide.

Firefly Lane Season 2, Part 2 — Best friends Tully and Kate support each other through good times and bad with an unbreakable bond that carries them from their teens to their 40s.

The Nurse — A new nurse at a hospital begins to suspect her colleague’s desire for attention may be tied to a series of patient deaths. Based on a true story.

Sweet Tooth (Season 2) — On an epic adventure across a post-apocalyptic world, a lovable boy who’s part human and part deer searches for family and home with a gruff protector.

Sharkdog (Season 3) — Half shark, half dog with a big heart and a belly full of fish sticks! Together, Sharkdog and his human pal Max can take on any silly or messy adventure.

The Matchmaker — When an office worker becomes powerfully infatuated with his beautiful intern, he follows her to a desert resort overrun with bizarre forces.

April 28

Wave Makers

AKA — A steely special ops agent finds his morality put to the test when he infiltrates a crime syndicate and unexpectedly bonds with the boss’s young son.

King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch — Ken Goldin and his savvy team run the thrilling action in this series that goes inside a leading auction house specializing in rare collectibles.

That’s everything original that’s coming to Netflix in April 2023, not including a plethora of licensed content. You can check out all of this content and plenty more with a subscription to Netflix.

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