Is War Sailor on Netflix based on a true story?

April 4, 2023
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Is War Sailor on Netflix based on a true story? We discuss the popular Netflix limited series and debate whether it’s based on real events.

There is a powerful war drama available to stream on NetflixThe story follows Freddy and Sigbjorn, two hard-working sailors on a Norwegian merchant vessel heading off on an eighteen-month voyage to New York during the second world war.

When Norway decides that all boats have to be used in aiding the war effort and helping the allied forces, it means that Freddy and Sigbjorn find themselves drafted into fighting the war, even though they are civilians with no training.

Of course, running alongside the main story, we also see the horror of their families back home, now living under the Nazi occupation of their land.

The story has people wondering about the events that occurred, so this all-at-sea feature will take a dive into the production and ask if War Sailor on Netflix is based on a true story.

Is War Sailor on Netflix based on a true story?

Yes, War Sailor is based on true events that occurred in World War Two. Norwegian boats were used to aid the British allies during the war, resulting in many deaths. The boats were not designed for use in battle, and many were destroyed with no way of protecting themselves from attack.

In the Netflix limited series, our two characters are on the open waters before Germany invaded Norway in 1940.

The series helps highlight the danger that many civilians were placed in during the war, a situation is often forgotten.

Written and directed by Gunnar Vikene, the series is a harrowing portrayal of the horrors of war that is unflinching in its approach. Vikene learned of the sacrifices many civilians made during the war and was deeply affected by the stories he read.

Notably, Vikene was a submarine engineer before being drawn to making movies and had heard many such tales of the civilian effort during the war that was often overlooked.

How many episodes is War Sailor?

Three episodes make up the story of War Sailor.

Is War Sailor worth watching?

Yes, it is. Well-made and concise, this is a confident production that should not disappoint fans of the genre. Perhaps the directorial style may muddy the waters for some viewers, but at its heart is a story of struggle and survival that should keep you invested.

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