Where was The Power on Prime Video filmed?

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 4, 2023 (Last updated: March 27, 2024)
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 Where was The Power on Prime Video filmed? We discuss the TV Series and its filming locations. We do not discuss spoilers.

The Sci-fi drama The Power features the striking premise of teenage girls that start to develop superhuman powers involving the manipulation of electricity. They can shoot lightning bolts from their hands, making them quite formidable in an altercation.

They soon realize that their gift can be transferred to older women too, and the stage is set for a dramatic shift in the status quo of their world.

Based on the book of the same name by Naomi Alderman, the story takes place in many different locations, and this electrically charged article will have a shocking look at the filming locations of the Prime Video series The Power.

Where was The Power filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

Suffolk, England

A massive block of production was done in Suffolk, England, in the UK. Suffolk is a ceremonial county in East Anglia in the UK. It has borders with Norfolk to the north, Cambridgeshire to the west, Essex to the south, and the North Sea lies to the east.

In an article in The East Anglian Daily Times, Rachel Aldridge from Screen Suffolk said, “We were contacted by Sister Pictures who were looking for a coastal location for an ambitious set build.”

Bawdsey in Suffolk, England

Filming took place in the Summer of 2021, and the rural area was the perfect setting for a large portion of the filming. Three hundred crew members were on board for the shoot and built a vast convent that was used as a key part of the story. The set was built in a field down a small lane in the quaint town.

Screen Suffolk’s Jim Horsfield said: “‘The set was built off site and then brought in sections that needed to be put together on set. The build itself took two months and we worked really closely with the location manager and parish council to make sure the large trucks that delivered the set didn’t cause too much disruption.”

Fairford, Gloucestershire

Some filming was also done in the small market town of Fairford. Fairford is a small town in Gloucestershire, England. The town lies in the Cotswold hills on the River Coln.

Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, London

Eagle-eyed viewers will spot this location in the series. The sports center in London is a massive facility with swimming pools, football pitches, and gymnasiums. The leisure center opened in 1964 and is a listed building within 200 acres of parkland in the heart of south London.

Namibia, Africa

Another international block of filming for the production would take place in Namibia. The country on the southwestern coast of Africa is bordered by Angola, Zambia, Botswana, and South Africa. It was a former colony of Germany and South Africa and gained independence in 1990.

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