Will there be a Season 2 of Who Were We Running From?

April 4, 2023
Adam Lock 1
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We discuss whether there will be a Season 2 of the Netflix series Who Were We Running From and its renewed or canceled status. 

Who Were We Running From? is the latest international production to be released by Netflix. This Turkish series is based on the 2007 novel Who Were We Running From, Mother? written by Turkish author Perihan Magden. The series is written by Ertan Kurtulan, with episodes directed by Umut Aral and Gokcen Usta.

The suspenseful crime thriller stars Melisa Sözen (Winter Sleep) as an unnamed, overbearing mother on the run with her teenage daughter Bambi (Eylül Tumbar). These two fugitives hop from one luxury hotel to the next as they attempt to evade the pursuit of law enforcement over the show’s seven-episode run.

This mysterious Netflix original quickly won over fans after its initial March 24th, 2023 release, growing in popularity with very little marketing or media coverage to its name.

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As the series reaches a broader audience in the coming months, fans will be dying to know whether Netflix will be renewing this addictive series for another season.

Will there be a Season 2 of Who Were We Running From? – renewed or canceled status

Netflix is yet to announce any plans to renew Who Were We Running From for a second outing, although it is still early days for the Turkish series. The show may not be the most popular or talked about series on the streaming platform, but it already has loyal followers and continues gaining new fans daily.

The Turkish series may struggle to contend with the likes of The Night Agent, Shadow and Bone, or You, but there is a market for these types of European thrillers. Surprisingly, the series has garnered no coverage on Rotten Tomatoes, with zero reviews submitted to date. And over on IMDB, it doesn’t look that promising either, with a 5.9 rating after 1.6k votes.

These statistics may hinder the prospects of a second season, but the finale leaves enough room for a possible second outing. Netflix will likely be following the ratings in the coming months for this one, though, to see whether the show warrants that all-important second season.

They have been known to renew Turkish dramas, with six shows awaiting a follow-up season, which is encouraging.

I’m going to predict that Who Were We Running From? won’t be renewed for a second season. The initial reactions have been somewhat lukewarm on the thriller, and most of the press seems to be against even covering the show. That being said, there is potential for further installments, and it seems to be the most exciting Turkish series on the platform at the moment, so we’ll have to wait and see.

As always, we will keep you posted on any updates in the pending renewal of Who Were We Running From?

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1 thought on “Will there be a Season 2 of Who Were We Running From?

  • June 2, 2023 at 2:06 am

    I like it. I binged it. I am interested in how the daughter survived and if she will kill the cop that shot her mother. And if she will find her father who is in the background of the photo she took out of the book in her mom’s old room.

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