Is Who Were We Running From based on a True Story? Explained

April 4, 2023
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Is Who Were We Running From based on a True Story? We explain the Turkish Netflix series and determine whether it’s based on real events.

There is a Turkish thriller on Netflix that has an intriguing title and a more intriguing premise.

Who Were We Running From? is a bit of a mystery box, and the show opens with the introduction of a mother and daughter checking into a hotel, but there are suspicious looks from the staff, and something is just off-kilter in the setup.

It seems the pair are on the run, but from what is unclear.

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With an air of mystery, and a feeling of anxiety, paranoia, and building dread, many people that have dipped their toe into this series seem to have plenty of questions to ask, but this surreptitious article is here to answer just one is Who Were We Running From based on a true story?

What is Who Were We Running From on Netflix about?

Our two mysterious protagonists, a mother literally only referred to as “Mother,” is on the run with her daughter.

The official synopsis from Netflix reveals, “A mother and her young daughter Bambi are on the run, away from someone, staying in luxury hotels, keeping on the move, leaving a trail of bodies behind…

“But as the luxury hotels get replaced with seedy motels, it becomes clear that the fairy tale isn’t all that her mother promised Bambi it was going to be. Can they be the hunter, not the prey?”

Is Who Were We Running From based on a true story?

No. The story is fictitious, but it does seem that the inspiration came from a real-life event that happened to the writer behind the story.

Turkish author Perihan Magden was ridiculed publicly for her support of a conscientious objector in 2005. She would write an article about mandatory military service in the country, and her point would be that conscientious objectors have a human right to feel this way, but this article would result in her being put on trial in 2006 for her viewpoint.

Although the case would be thrown out, Perihan was rattled by the affair, her life was scrutinized, and she would be attacked so severely that she began to fear for her safety. These emotions and anxieties would lead to the story Who Were We Running From? being created.

Is Who Were We Running From based on a book?

Yes. Turkish author Perihan Magden wrote the book after her experience of being arrested for an article she wrote. The English translation of the book is Who were we running from, Mother?

The book synopsis explains the story, stating it “examines the trembling fears of a world surrounded by violence in an almost architectural fashion.” The book focuses on the feeling of dread, fear, and paranoia that can come from living in an environment of hostility and oppression.

You can watch Who Were We Running From? with a subscription to Netflix.

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