Beef Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – Why does Amy keep taking George’s gun?

April 6, 2023
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The worsening rivalry lends this episode a lot of tension as both Danny and Amy’s circumstances seem to be rapidly worsening.

This recap of Beef Season 1 Episode 2, “The Rapture of Being Alive”, contains spoilers.

“The Rapture Of Being Alive” is, like Beef Episode 1, about rapidly escalating obsession. But it inverts the focus of that obsession – Amy is the one now seeking revenge on Danny and trying to find out more about him – while also fleshing out how the conflict is becoming so integral to the lives and headspaces of Danny and Amy both.

Beef Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

So, Amy, incensed after Danny peeing on her floor, looks up his license plate number and finds some of his personal information online. She calls his number and leaves his business negative Yelp reviews.

When George gets home, she tries to explain the best she can, leaving some key details out, and while he thinks she’s overreacting he agrees to accompany her to Danny’s home address, which she informs him they can acquire for just $80.

The address is the run-down hotel that Danny’s parents used to own, which was shut down due to something illegal being peddled on the premises. This remains a burgeoning subplot, but it’s left mysterious for now.

Nevertheless, Amy’s Yelp reviews are damaging Danny’s already struggling business. Isaac suggests he just starts again under a new name, which is apparently a remarkably easy process. Danny pitches the idea to Paul and offers to set the business up in his name. Their plan is to service the Korean residents of Orange County, but that’s almost certainly a decision informed by the fact Paul’s ex, Veronica, lives there. Her place is where they go first.

Who is Amy catfishing as?

Veronica is now married to a god-fearing man named Edwin and they’re both incredibly active in the local church, which obviously annoys Danny. So, too, does Paul’s general lack of interest in the business, since he spends most of his time on Instagram going back and forth with a woman he thinks he called Kayla.

Kayla is Amy. This isn’t a surprise to the audience, who see her set up the catfish account using pictures of her employee, Mia, who might become even more important down the line since George keeps liking her photos.

Why does Amy keep taking George’s gun?

This is among George’s other favorite activities, which include potentially sabotaging the sale of Amy’s business to Jordan by refusing to sell her a chair made by his artist father. It doesn’t seem like this is intentionally to spite Amy, he’s just so self-centered he doesn’t realize. He is, however, shocked to hear that Amy keeps taking his gun out of his safe because she masturbates with it because George is so “vanilla” in bed.

Beef Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

All throughout this episode both Danny and Amy’s personal circumstances and relationships worsen, and so too does that petty rivalry, which each periodically calling the other up to threaten them. This comes to a head in a club where Danny and Paul leave with two women to find that Amy has painted insults all over Danny’s truck.

The incident causes a rift between Danny and Paul, who is still focused almost entirely on women – especially Kayla, who he has no idea is really Amy – and can’t see how much his brother is struggling right under his nose. It also pushes Danny to the next level of his resentment towards Amy, as the episode concludes with him driving to her house for purposes as yet unknown.

You can stream Beef Season 1 Episode 2, “The Rapture of Being Alive” exclusively on Netflix.

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