10 Movies like Troy you must watch

April 6, 2023
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We discuss 10 Movies like Troy you must watch. Add these well-recommended exciting films to your watch list.

In 2004, cinema audiences were treated to an epic historical drama that embraced the Hollywood classics such as Cleopatra and Ben Hur. Directed by Wolfgang Peterson and boasting an all-star cast including Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom, this was based on Homer’s Illiad, focussing on the Trojan War, with the Greek army invading Troy.

Despite the great box office, the film divided audiences and critics, and purists were not happy with the treatment that the source material received.

However, there is no denying that the magic and epic sprawling cinematography was visually stunning, so that got us thinking about some other films that fans of the great Hollywood historical might enjoy. So without further ado, here are our top 10 movies like Troy that you must watch.

10 Movies like Troy you must watch

300 (2007)

Might as well start with a real banger. Before Zack Snyder turned the DC Universe into a sepia-tinged slow, motion psychological superhero doom-scape, he would turn to classic comic book artist and writer Frank Miller and his mini-series 300.

The film and graphic novel are both fictionalized retellings of the Battle of Thermopylae in the Greco-Persian Wars, and both are powerful and soul-stirring pieces of work that would stun cinemagoers with their visual flair and drama. If you liked Troy, this is a must-see.

Gladiator (2000)

It is impossible not to be invested in Ridley Scott’s historical masterpiece. Gladiator has the same scope and spectacle as Troy and delivers some gut-wrenching action sequences along the way. Brilliantly filmed and starring bearded New Zealand-based exorcist to Pope Russell Crowe, this film is audacious in its scope and has a third act that will leave you drained.

Alexander (2004)

Starring drunken Irish Oscar-nominated Colin Farrell and directed by Hollywood royalty Oliver Stone Alexander is a 2004 epic based on the life of Alexander the Great. Its original screenplay was based partly on the book Alexander the Great, published in 1973 by the historian Robin Lane Fox.

The gold-plated epic performed well in Europe, but the American critical reaction was negative and was considered to be a financial flop. However, if you are a fan of Troy, you might want to revisit this for a second opinion.

Immortals (2011)

We like to include some entries on our lists that may have gone unnoticed, so here is Immortals, a fantasy action flick that rummages through the mythology of ancient Greece but neglects to stick to the source material.

On the plus side, there is quite a lineup of talent on display, including Henry Cavill, Stephen Dorf, Mickey Rourke, and John Hurt, but the heavy CGI and plodding storytelling left many reviewers and audience members less than impressed.

Clash of the Titans (2010)

Once again, we are mining the ancient Greek legends, this time with a very flimsy focus on Perseus. There are plenty of nods to the classic Greek legends, and Zeus, The Kraken, The Furies, Perseus, Medusa, and Princess Andromeda are all in the mix.

There is everything that you would expect from this kind of film, plenty of CGI action sequences as Perseus battles against all manner of monsters to prevent Earth and Olympus being destroyed, but despite decent box office, this was another sprawling mythological epic that struggled to find an audience, didn’t stop them making a sequel though, money talks.

If you are interested in this genre, you could probably also watch the original from 1981.

Helen of Troy (1956)

From the golden age of Hollywood historical epics comes Helen of Troy, later made as a 2003 mini-series. This is another retelling of the Trojan War from the point of view of the Trojans.

Stanley Baker and Brigette Bardot head the cast in the tale of forbidden love and war. Although not in the same league as Cleopatra or Ben Hur, the sets and cinematography are spellbinding, and despite a poor reputation, if you love these movies, you need to give this another look.

Spartacus (1960)

Stanley Kubrick is probably more recognized for his work on projects such as The Shining and A Clockwork Orange. Kubrick was perhaps one of a handful of true genius’ that worked in the medium of film, and his short but well-loved filmography still has students of film pouring over their every minute detail.

Never repeating his subjects, Kubrick presents us with his epic history and leaves us with another classic. Spartacus was based on a novel by Howard Fast and tells the story of Spartacus, played by Kirk Douglas, and the events that occurred in the Third Servile War.

Ran (1985)

Here’s our out-of-left field entry on the list, a classic piece of filmmaking from Akira Kurosawa, the visionary Japanese director. This was his last epic war movie taking inspiration from Shakespeare’s King Lear. It tells the story of an aged Hidetora Ichimonji, a powerful warlord from the Sengoku Period, who gives up his position for the sake of his three sons, with whom he divides his kingdom.

The Last Samurai (2003)

Death wishing sofa jumping box office savior Tom Cruise stars in this historical epic, but not from ancient Greece, but from the 1870s. He plays Captain Nathan Algren, a world-weary veteran of the American Civil War who will work for anyone.

Algren is hired by Americans trying to attain contracts with the Emperor of Japan to train the peasant conscripts for the first Imperial Army in modern warfare using firearms. Although very different from Troy in premise, the tone of both films is similar, and seeing Tom train to become an ultimate warrior and fight for the rights of the Samurai is worth a view.

Cleopatra (1963)

You may have heard about films that had a troubled production schedule, but nothing comes close to the historical epic Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Inflating budgets rewrites and on-set drama, it was a miracle it ever got finished, but the film that tells the story of the young Queen of Egypt as she struggles to resist the imperial ambitions of Rome is a Hollywood visual extravaganza that Troy owes quite a lot to it.

Do you have any other recommendations for Movies like Troy? Let us know in the comments.

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