Beef Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – How do Danny and Amy come to a truce?

April 7, 2023
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Danny makes his boldest decision yet as the truth of the road rage incident seems closer to getting out than ever.

This recap of Beef Season 1 Episode 6, “We Draw A Magic Circle”, contains spoilers.

The good news in “We Draw A Magic Circle” is that Fumi is alive. The bad news is that this is the only good news.

Beef Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

What is Naomi’s theory?

After the robbery attempt in Episode 5, Fumi is recovering – though clearly knows more than she’s letting on about Amy and George’s relationship – while Naomi continues to investigate the road rage incident with her newly formed Neighbourhood Watch committee.

As if Fumi isn’t high enough on pills, when Amy gets wind of Naomi’s imminent visit to speak with her about the incident, she has Fumi pop another, which seems to knock her out.

Naomi at least comes clean to Amy and lays out all her suspicions. Her amateur detective work has led her to believe that Amy is having an affair with Danny and that the road rage incident was connected to it. Amy literally laughs this off, even though she is having an affair with Danny’s blood relative, which Naomi doesn’t take kindly to.

Amy and Naomi exchange some bitter words and the latter threatens to sink the deal with Jordan by exposing how much “liability” is surrounding Amy and her business.

How do Danny and Amy come to a truce?

Amy, knowing Naomi is close to the truth, meets with Danny and proposes a deal. She’ll pay him $25,000 – it starts at $10K, but he negotiates – to call up Naomi’s tip line and confess to his involvement in the road rage incident, but convince Naomi it was nothing to do with Amy. Strapped for cash since Isaac has taken control of his business, Danny reluctantly agrees.

However, this ends up being unnecessary, meaning that Danny and Amy aren’t able to uphold their uneasy truce. It turns out Fumi wasn’t really asleep when Naomi confronted Amy and she overheard the whole thing. She takes the blame for the road rage fiasco and Naomi believes her. But she still thinks Danny was involved because Michael and Bobby worse Chosen Brothers gear during the robbery and were caught on the Ring doorbell. She’s determined to take Danny down.

Amy, at least, tips Danny off about this when she calls to tell him the deal is no longer necessary. She has no idea that he was in the process of masturbating to the photo of her rear that she sent to Paul, but then again Danny has no idea that “Kayla” is really Amy, so that’s a whole situation that needs to be unpacked at some point.

Nevertheless, Danny is rapidly running out of options. So, he does what any right-minded person would do in the same situation – he takes Isaac out of the picture.

Beef Season 1 Episode 6 Ending Explained

He does this by calling Naomi’s tip line and blaming everything on Isaac. Given his parole status, he’s immediately facing 5-10 years in prison. And what’s more, Isaac had only recently entrusted Danny with the location of his stash, ill-gotten gains stored in rice cookers that play Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone”.

So, Danny ends up betraying his family. The episode ends with him playing dumb to Isaac during visitation, spliced with scenes from the church basketball game where we see another, more unhinged side of Edwin, who’s on the losing side – seemingly in more ways than one.

You can stream Beef Season 1 Episode 6, “We Draw A Magic Circle” exclusively on Netflix.

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