Lauryn Ajufo – 5 Facts about the Actress

April 12, 2023
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Who is Lauryn Ajufo? We discuss the increasingly popular actress and list five facts about her, including where she has appeared in. 

Lauryn Ajufo is an English actress, nominated for a British Independent Film Award in 2021 and named the 2022 Screen International Star of Tomorrow. The British newspaper The Evening Standard would go on to name her on their list of Londoners to watch, but who is Lauryn?

We decided to look into the up-and-coming actress and provide five facts about Lauryn Ajufo.

Lauryn Ajufo – 5 Facts about the Actress

Who is Lauryn Ajufo?

Lauryn is an up-and-coming British actress discovered in 2018. After attending the BRIT School, Lauryn joined the Youth Theatre division of the prestigious Theatre Royal in Stratford East.

Lauryn entered a monologue slam competition at BRIT school, something that she did not want to do, but to her surprise, she won the competition and found herself with a professional agent too.

Where is Lauryn Ajufo from?

Of Nigerian descent, Lauryn was born in Southwark, London.

When is Lauryn Ajufo’s birthday?

August 15th, 2000, is Lauryn’s birthday. This makes her star sign a Leo if you are interested in that kind of thing.

What are the top 4 films Lauryn Ajufo is known for?

Boiling Point (2019)

This was Lauryn’s first casting. The short film was directed by Philip Tarantini, set in a kitchen, and this would not be the last time he used Lauryn.

Villain (2020)

Lauryn would play Laura in this crime drama that was also Philip Barantini’s first feature film. The film also starred Craig Fairbrass and attracted some great reviews.

Boiling Point (2021)

Lauryn would be asked to appear in a remade and expanded version of the short film, directed once again by Barantini, and received four nominations at the 75th British Academy Awards.

Luther: The Falling Sun (2023)

Lauryn would play Anya in this big-screen version of the popular crime drama TV series. Luther: The Falling Sun stars Idris Elba in the title role.

You can find Lauryn in TV roles too, look for her in The Last Bus, a 2022 sci-fi series where she plays Misha, and also in Tell Me Everything, also from 2022, as Neve.

Where is Lauryn Ajufo now?

Lauryn is still in London and has more work lined up. She is set to appear in the oddly titled Netflix TV series The F**k It Bucket as Becca and will play Chloe in Accused.

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