The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

April 12, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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We discuss predictions for the Apple TV+ series The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 6, including the release date and where to watch online.

In the latest installment of The Big Door Prize, titled “Trina,” Dusty and Cass’ daughter takes center stage.

We find her struggling with the upcoming birthday of her dead boyfriend Kolton while her parents decide to take an impromptu getaway, and Trina’s friends all choose to shun her at her lowest.

It’s another consistent installment, although the humor and the formulaic nature of the series are starting to drag a little. Here’s what happened in The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 5:

  • In a flashback, we see how Trina handled the death of her boyfriend, Kolton, choosing to vandalize Giorgio’s restaurant sign.
  • Trina discusses Kolton’s birthday with Father Reuben. She is filled with guilt about Kolton’s death, although she won’t talk about the specifics of the car accident with the priest.
  • Principal Pat suggests Dusty takes Cass away for the weekend to spice up their relationship. She has a coupon for a discount at Martha and Rose’s Inn.
  • Trina asks Jacob about his birthday plans. He’s watching old movies with his dad, Beau. Trina isn’t invited to this movie night or another teen party that is going on that night. She feels rejected and alone, then finds out her parents have ditched her too.
  • Dusty and Cass arrive at the inn. Cass worries that Martha hates her still, and they are given the worst room in the hotel to back this theory up.
  • Trina visits Jacob, and they discuss Kolton. They are both annoyed that Kolton is now perceived as an angel, although he wasn’t a perfect person. They talk about his annoying habits and selfishness.
  • At dinner, Cass and Dusty talk with another couple. Glen’s Morpho card said photographer, and Hawaii’s said explorer. She took this to mean sexual explorer, though. They talk about Hawaii’s new lifestyle and end up involved in a threesome with her.
  • Dusty starts to strip and falls over. Cass goes to get ice and finds Martha forlorn by the veranda. They talk about Martha’s hatred toward Cass. Martha says that Izzy has twisted the story. Izzy lied to Cass about the situation, causing friction between Cass and Martha.
  • Hawaii sees the blue spots on Dusty’s skin. There are nine now. Cass asks to go home.
  • Trina, Jacob, and Beau talk about Kolton. Beau realizes that he knew very little about his own son. Trina says that she isn’t perfect either. She lied to everyone. Her Morpho card said liar on it, and she cheated on Kolton. Beau asks her to leave.
  • Beau talks to Jacob, wanting to improve their father-son relationship. Then Beau chainsaws a table in half.

The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 6 Release Date and Time

Episode 6 will be released on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, April 19th, 2023, at 12 am PT. Episode 6 is titled “Beau” and will have a run time of 33 minutes.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch The Big Door Prize Season 1 Episode 6 with a subscription to Apple TV+ on the abovementioned date.


  • Episode six will focus on Jacob and Kolton’s father, Beau. He struggles with the death of his wife and son, finding it tricky to express his emotions and grief. Beau has also quit his job. This installment will explore Beau’s pain and how he is coping with his grief.
  • Trina has confessed to her secrets and lies now. She wants to be unburdened by these secrets but knows the ramifications. I think she will either go public with her relationship or break up with Jacob.
  • Dusty will go to the doctors about his blue dots, but they will make him feel like a freak instead of offering any actual advice. Other citizens will have similar problems. Is this a side-effect of the machine?

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