Operation: Nation Ending Explained – do Staszek and Pola date again?

April 13, 2023
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We discuss the ending of the 2022 Netflix film Operation: Nation, which will contain spoilers.

Netflix’s Polish comedy, Operation: Nation, tells the tale of a nationalist group led by the passionate yet unintelligent Roman.

After the group leader recruits his cousin Staszek as a new member, who disagrees with their antics, he faces challenges, especially as Staszek is dating a leftist activist who wants nothing more than to bring them down.

Operation: Nation Ending Explained

What does Roman plan to do at the Pride Parade?

After hearing that there will be a Pride Parade in town, Roman devises a plan to detonate a bomb at the event. Once Staszek learns of the planned crime, he is distraught and says they cannot kill people and that Roman is sick in the head.

Roman tells Staszek that RYS has no room for weakness, and as Staszek tries to leave the room, he is punched by another member of the RYS and then left alone in a room, tied to a chair.

While attempting to free himself, the chair topples over, and Staszek manages to find a phone. He tries to call the police via a voice prompt to warn them about Roman’s plans at the parade, but he accidentally calls Pola instead, who has gotten back together with her ex-boyfriend.

Pola and her ex-boyfriend free Staszek after fending off one of the RYS, and they rush to the parade to try and stop the nationalist group.

Do Staszek and Pola stop the detonation at the Pride Parade?

After Roman learns from one of the RYS members that Staszek has escaped, he gives Brajan the detonation code for the bomb and tells him to carry out the task. However, as he tells him the code, he covers his ears, and Brajan doesn’t hear what it is, though he knows it’s associated with Grunwald.

Brajan walks around aimlessly, trying to figure out what it could be, and asks people at the event questions that could reveal the code, such as what the postcode of Grunwald is.

Staszek and Pola arrive at the parade and run through the streets, trying to find the detonator, and Pola snatches it from Brajan. As she turns around, Roman holds a gun up to her head and tells her to hand the device over. As she puts her hands above her head, Brajan takes the detonator off her, and Pola runs away.

After this turn of events, Roman asks Brajan why he didn’t detonate the bomb, and he advises his leader that he didn’t know the code. Roman then tells him it was the date for the battle of Grunwald.

The police then arrive and arrest Roman and Brajan, but Brajan is adamant it is not a detonator they are holding and is, in fact, a good luck Hindu symbol.

Mariusz and Staszek scuffle in the street, but Mariusz shows Staszek the bomb that is hidden in his bag and informs him that he disarmed it.

After the day is saved, Staszek and Pola run to each other in the street and embrace in a kiss. Pola’s ex-boyfriend sees the interaction play out and knows he doesn’t stand a chance, as she’s clearly in love with Staszek.

At the film’s end, we learn that Roman is not charged with the attempted bomb detonation at the Pride Parade, as Brajan takes the fall.

Do Staszek and Pola date again?

At the end of Operation: Nation, we see the new couple speak on the phone. Pola is away at college and cannot wait for Staszek to join her. As it turns out, he’s finally moving out of the small bedroom he shares with his sister and is moving to be with Pola, so the two do end up together.

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