Is the movie Romancham based on a true story?

April 17, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Is the movie Romancham based on a true story? We discuss the popular horror-comedy film and whether it is based on real events.

Romancham is a Malayalam comedy-horror film written and directed by Jithu Madhavan. The cast is headlined by Soubin Shahir and other actors, including Arjun Ashokan, Sajin Gopu, Siju Sunny, Afzal PH, Abin Bino, Anantharaman Ajay, and Jagadeesh Kumar. Chemban Vinod Jose also appears in a cameo role, to the viewers’ delight.

The film is hilarious and has a runtime of just over two hours. It was first released in theatres in February 2023 and is now available to watch on Disney+

Romancham in English means “goosebumps.” For Western audiences, we grew up with a children’s series of the same name, which haunted our childhood dreams. Although, watching back, they were a bit cheesy.

As a comedy/horror film, I think it’s a fitting title for a story about a spooky game gone seriously wrong. 

What is the story of Romancham?

The story surrounds seven bachelors living in Bangalore in 2007. This is a mixed group of men; only one has a job. Others are failing job interviews and businesses, so it’s safe to say they’re probably bored and need something to do. One of the guys, Jiby, brings out the Ouija board and the gang attempt to communicate with the paranormal.

To their surprise, a ghost named Anamika makes contact. Things go hilariously wrong when the ghost decides to stay back, and then more antics begin to happen. Things start to become scary, well, scary enough for the characters. Audiences appear to be more rolling on the floor laughing than hiding behind the sofa. 

Is the movie Romancham based on a true story?

From research, it appears that Romancham is based on a real story; constructed from real incidents that happened to seven friends in Bangalore in 2007. 

One guy brings out the classic horror board game, the Ouija board, and the group decides to play. The director Jithu Madhavan says that the film is based on incidents that happened to him and his friends. He’s only made some minor changes for the cinematic feel.

Stories based on true events can have limitations, so things have to be adapted for cinema. I’m sure it was a lot scarier for them than what is portrayed in this film. It’s good to be able to make fun of scary situations.

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Arjun Ashokan reportedly plays the spirit in the movie, which is a fictional take on an incident that Jithu had faced.

Are the characters in Romancham based on real people

Yes. The film’s director and writer, Jithu Madhavan, was one of the seven who shared a house in Bengaluru, but it’s unsure which character is his. All the names are the same as the roommates he had at the time. The only name changed is his.

The rest of the supporting characters, we can assume they might be based on real people, but they could have also been added to help drive the story along. There is no evidence to suggest they are also based on real people.

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