Where is Nathalie Dahan From How to Get Rich Now? Explained

April 20, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Where is Nathalie Dahan From How to Get Rich Now? We discuss Nathalie Dahan and her appearance on the Netflix reality show How To Get Rich.

The Netflix reality TV show How To Get Rich has an interesting premise at its core.

The show features New York Times best-selling author Ramit Sethi as he travels around the United States, imparting valuable financial advice to people, like a financially savvy Doctor David Bruce Banner.

Ramit meticulously assesses the participant’s financial situation, looking at their debts, income, and accounts and offering up advice about the mistakes they are making in the day-to-day running of their finances.

By doing this, he can advise them on how to restructure their affairs, allowing them to live their rich lives more efficiently.

In season one, he would encounter Nathalie Dahan, and this carefully audited article dares to ask the question, where is Nathalie Dahan now?

Who is Nathalie Dahan?

Nathalie Dahan grew up in Paris, France, where she found a love for fashion, probably through her father, a reputable designer who owned a  clothing business.

Modeling would become a fascination for young Nathalie, who would enter various competitions, winning the 1995 Miss London pageant. Her success would lead to further modeling assignments.

However, being ambitious and wanting to further her career, Nathalie would attend a design course at the New York Institute of Art and Design.

After that, she would start her own home remodeling and interior design career in the United States.

By April 2014, she became the CEO of the Beverly Hills, California-based interior design agency Maison Jolie Design. Nathalie used her experience to design amazing interiors for businesses and high-end clients.

As if that wasn’t enough, Nathalie obtained a real estate license in California, which enabled her to design and sell dream homes for prospective buyers.

By 2019 she had launched Coco Queen, a West Hollywood successful restaurant. The restaurant would specialize in fried chicken and would have some great reviews online.

With all that going on, you wonder why she wanted to appear on this show in the first place, but she did, and the show uncovered some startling facts.

Where is Nathalie Dahan From How to Get Rich Now?

During the show, it seemed that a few things were going on that appeared undetected by Nathalie. The restaurant, though a success, was actually draining resources and money from her. As a single mum, Nathalie would put her daughter first before anything else, so it seems that the restaurant has now been sold off, freeing up her most expensive commodity, time.

It seems that Nathalie is still involved with Maison Jolie Designs and is still a highly regarded interior designer.

She also describes herself as an investor, and the show would have highlighted her abilities, making her a valuable asset for businesses looking for advice or services.

Her Instagram page  @bond_girl_07 shows plenty of insights into Nathalie’s life, including pictures of her wedding, and after the show, it seems that Nathalie is enjoying her newly refurbished financial lifestyle in Beverly Hills, California, with her daughter Nicole and her partner.

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