Are Priya and Vim still together from Indian Matchmaking?

April 23, 2023
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Are Priya and Vim still together from Indian Matchmaking? We discuss a popular couple from the reality Netflix series and provide an update.

The popular reality dating show Indian Matchmaking has found an eager audience to see couples put together by a dating expert.

The premise is pretty simple, but plenty of viewers are eager to watch beautiful people either fall in love or slowly grow to hate each other throughout a TV show. Who knew?

Of course, there is always one question viewers ask at the end of these types of shows. We are proud to answer the query you know you asked, are Priya and Vim still together from Indian Matchmaking?

Who are Priya Ashra and Vimal “Vim” Kansara?

Priya and Ashra had an intriguing journey within the show’s confines after being paired by relationship genie Sima Taparia. Priya had previously been in a relationship that had ended after two years of marriage.

Priya’s long-term partner had not been the best choice in Priya’s life, and after taking some time out, she knew that she would be more careful next time around.

35-year-old Priya is a clinical pharmacist and private chef based in London. A quick look at her Instagram, @priya.ashra, shows a lot of traveling, social encounters with family and friends, and of course, the obligatory throwback pic.

Vimal “Vim” Kansara was not Priya’s first date on the show. It seems that he was the third in line after Bobby Seagull and Jai Vasani failed to make a connection with her.

The top-knotted, handsome, free-spirited Vim seemed to connect instantly with picky Priya, and she was excited when he arrived in the picture.

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Vim works as the Digital Strategy Manager for Cognizant in London and enjoys physical activity. He had recently been to LA to run in the LA marathon.

However, as things developed, it became clear that the mysterious Vim would be very forward about his intentions, and things looked rocky until Sima would intervene and smoothed things over.

Are Priya and Vim still together from Indian Matchmaking?

It is unclear if this relationship worked out, but from what we can gather on social media; the couple does not seem to be interacting with each other or even following each other. It appears that the pair are not together at the time of writing.

Where are Priya and Vim now?

Vim was off on holiday, without Priya, to Mumbai, while Priya has been happy to continue her work in London and is always happy to show her posts of supper clubs. We assume that the two may have moved on with their own lives.

It’s always a shame when a fantastic couple doesn’t make it over the finish line, but it seems that in this situation, the relationship guru tried her best to get this romance off the ground, but it seems to have stalled on take off.

From a viewer’s perspective, it would be really helpful if the production companies involved in these shows could update us on the couple’s situation, making it a more satisfying viewing conclusion. We can hope.

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1 thought on “Are Priya and Vim still together from Indian Matchmaking?

  • April 24, 2023 at 8:21 pm

    Picky Priya? She is looking for someone to spend her life with after being cheated on by her husband & partner of 11 years. Could we just accept that she’s maybe being careful, and avoid this kind of unfriendly labelling.

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