Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 12 Recap – what happens at the KPOC reunion?

April 27, 2023
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Firefly Lane delves into nostalgia (if it isn’t already) and old flames as it focuses more on Tully and her love life.

We recap Netflix’s Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 12, “Time After Time,” which contains spoilers. 

Have you ever had that one person in your life who you cannot forget? That you cannot shake off? There’s plenty of nostalgia in Firefly Lane Season 2, and the story moves away from the cancer battle endured by Kate (Sarah Chalke) and focuses more on Tully (Katherine Heigl) and her old flame Danny (Ignacio Serricchio).

We all want Tully to be happy.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 12 Recap

What does Tully report on?

Episode 12 opens in the past. Tully is delivering a news report about how waiting for a husband later in life is not something women should do, as men do not want to marry single women over 35

Her colleague, Carol, confronts her after and wonders what fact-checking she did about “women over 35.” She tells Tully that she hopes that the story she is reporting is true.

Afterward, Kate tells Tully she wants to get her wedding planned with Theo. Johnny overhears, and he continues to be heartbroken. Tully tells Kate that she does not want to get married and that she’s over Danny — she claims she enjoys being young.

Later, Tully doubts her reporting on the study of “women over 35.” She tells Kate she wants to announce a retraction. And so she does — Tully tells her audience that the study on “single women over 35” was wrong.

Is Tully having a relationship with her teacher?

In the past, teenager Tully tells Kate that she has a connection with their teacher, Sam. Kate explains how she could get expelled, and Sam fired, but Tully tells her she does not plan on getting caught. 

Tully confronts Kate about Coop — she’s not happy that Coop does not want them to be public. Tully then brings up the English teacher again and how she feels she will make a move on him.

After rehearsal and when all students have left, Tully asks her teacher Sam to stay behind and practice lines with her.

Why does Coop want his relationship with Kate to be secret?

In the past, teenage Kate and Coop keep on hooking up in secret. She finally presses Coop about their secret relationship — she gets upset, realizing that he doesn’t want people to know about them. Coop talks about the pressure he’s under every day and hates being in the limelight. 

Coop admits that he can be himself around Kate. After this admission, Lisa-Karen from school catches them kissing and thinks it’s super cool. The girl promises to keep it a secret.

What happens at the KPOC reunion?

In the present, Kate and Johnny head to a reunion at the network they used to work at. Kate is wearing a stylish wig. Tully arrives with Danny. It’s nostalgic for all the characters as they bump into old colleagues. 

Johnny reminisces about where he and Kate used to hook up in the office, especially when they were on ecstasy. They argue about who initiated a kiss between them when Kate was engaged to Theo and want to find evidence using past tapes recordings.

Meanwhile, Danny opens up to Tully about his relationship with his partner and how they are struggling. He’s not sure if they are ready to be married. Danny then learns that Tully used to be married, which shocks him. Tully tells Daniel that there will never be a perfect time to be married — she tells him to go for it.

Tully catches up with Carol in the bathroom — Carol tells Tully that she doesn’t like seeing her hide her talents by making Global Warming documentaries. She believes that reporting about women is better for her.

Tully tells Kate about what Carol said about “wasting her talent.” Tully admits she does enjoy having a large platform and that Carol is right — she wants to host a talk show again.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 12 Ending Explained

Who initiated the kiss between Johnny and Kate when Kate was engaged to Theo?

In the present, at the party, they find a tape showing a kiss between Kate and Johnny. However, the camera moves away just before the kiss, meaning they never discover the truth. Kate is adamant Johnny made the move first.

In the past, Kate speaks to Johnny in his office. Kate believes Johnny is worried about losing his job, but he’s upset that he’s lost the watch that Kate bought for his birthday. Johnny is upset that Kate is getting married. Kate realizing Johnny still has feelings, kisses him. Kate kissed Johnny first when she was engaged to Theo. 

Why does Sam reject Tully?

In the past, teenage Tully and her teacher practice their lines. As she’s about to make her move, Sam rejects her and explains that he’s an adult and she’s a child. Sam tells her that he does not see her in a romantic way.

Tully speaks to Kate about it — she’s devastated that Sam does not want her.

Do Tully and Danny still have feelings for each other?

In the present, Danny and Tully drink wine again after the party. Danny shows he still has feelings for Tully and gives her a longing look. Tully breaks the moment and ends their night. Danny and Tully both have feelings for each other. 

As the episode ends in the present, Johnny and Kate continue to argue about who kissed who. Kate is adamant that she wouldn’t have done that to Theo. Despite Johnny, deep down, knowing the truth, he agrees with Kate.

And then, Tully calls Kate. Tully admits she still loves Danny. Kate tells her to go for it and not let Danny get away.

Tully bumps into Danny and his partner. It’s revealed that Danny has proposed to his girlfriend. Tully is heartbroken.

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