Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 13 Recap – who is getting married?

April 27, 2023
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Old issues arise as Kate and Tully come to terms with their past. This chapter was much-needed.

We recap Netflix’s Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 13, “Can’t Fight This Feeling,” which contains spoilers. 

Ah f**k. Firefly Lane is really doing numbers on us. The writers know how to reel the audience with many flashbacks and countless scenes of context, only to throw us to the wolves at the end.

As we move through the final episodes, it feels almost inevitable that tragedy is around the corner.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 13 Recap

Who is getting married?

Episode 13 opens up in 2016 in the future. We are back to the ending of Episode 11. Marah is getting married, and Tully is prepping her veil. There’s no Kate. The series implies that she is no longer alive. 

The episode then moves to ten years earlier. Tully is planning Kate’s bachelorette party. Kate reveals that Marah is planning her bachelorette party. Tully is upset that 1) she will not be in charge of the party and 2) there will be no bridesmaids.

Why did Kate have doubts about marrying Theo?

In the past, Coop and Kate continue to hook up in private places. Coop admits to Kate that he’s had a crush on her since ninth grade. They get steamy in the car.

The series then moves to the time when Kate was with Theo. They talk about their wedding and the plans they have. However, Kate cannot stop thinking about Johnny and their kiss in the office. 

Later on, Johnny confronts Kate and tells her he still loves her. Kate tells Johnny she doesn’t care and calls him an “arsehole.” She calls Theo a good man, and they get angry at each other. Anger leads to passion as they hook up with each other and have sex.

Kate is immediately regretful after the sex, calling herself an “adulteress.”

While Johnny is in the shower, Theo believes Kate is in there, so he goes to surprise her. He strips himself naked and enters the shower. Shocked at seeing a naked Johnny in the shower with him, Theo hurts himself accidentally and loses a t******e. In the aftermath, Theo and Kate break up.

Kate tells Johnny to leave. She feels like a bad person because of him.

What happened at the surprise bridal party?

In the present, Tully and Marah throw Kate a surprise bridal party. Kate’s mother tells Kate that she’s relieved that she’s all clear on the cancer. 

At the party, the women reminisce about Lisa-Karen, the woman that teenager Kate used to work with at the diner. She died.

And then, Kate is angry that Tully drove Marah to the bridal party, especially after the car accident.

Everyone sees how angry Kate is, so Tully leaves. She believes Kate does not want her anymore now the cancer is gone. As she leaves, Kate’s mother asks Tully if she has forgiven her daughter for abandoning her for a year.

How did Lisa-Karen die?

A flashback to the past reveals that Cloud told teenagers, Kate and Tully that Lisa-Karen was struck by lightning outside of work. Kate realizes this was when she was hooking up with Coop in the car park outside when she decided to leave work early. Kate and Tully are devastated. 

At school, everyone reminisces about Lisa-Karen. Kate listens intently and believes everyone uses her death to be more popular. She accuses the students of hating Lisa-Karen.

Tully tries to calm Kate down — she tells her she was not friends with Lisa-Karen either, but she’s sad too, as they are not meant to die this young. Kate tells Tully she was a bitch to Lisa-Karen, too, and walks away.

Later on, Coop heads to Kate’s house and comforts her. Tully heads over, so Coop has to swiftly leave. Tully tells Kate she isn’t angry at her and understands that she’s sad. Tully refuses to leave despite Kate being angry at her.

Kate blames herself for Lisa-Karen’s death because she decided to leave work early and hook up with Coop instead of finishing the shift. She thinks she should have died that night. The best friends hug it, showing that nothing has changed, past and present.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 13 Ending Explained

Why is Tully mad at Kate?

In the present day, Tully tells Kate that she’s mad at her — she explains that when Kate got sick, she put everything aside and was there for her. She knows she put Marah in danger, but she’s angry because Kate and everyone else abandoned her. Tully admits she doesn’t know how to forgive Kate. 

Tully wishes Kate could see that she’s no longer the same person. Kate repeats the same statement back. The best friends hug it out. At this moment in the series, it dawns on Kate and the viewers that Kate, Marah, and Johnny are the only true family Tully has.

Why does Johnny propose to Kate?

In the past, Kate tells Tully that her engagement with Theo is off, and she explains what happened. Tully is laughing because Theo lost one of his testicles.

Kate tells Tully that she does not want to love Johnny because they want different things. She thinks they are doomed.

Johnny calls, and Tully answers it. He tells Tully that he and Kate must stop pretending they do not belong together. Tully puts Johnny on speakerphone so Kate can listen. Johnny then shows up at the house and proposes to Kate. She doesn’t even hesitate. She says, “Yes.”

What does Danny ask Tully?

In the present, Danny shows up at Tully’s apartment. He asks Tully to be his “best woman” at his wedding. Tully accepts.

It must be heartbreaking for her to accept that role at his wedding.

What news does Kate receive from the doctors?

As the episode ends, the doctor rings Kate. She’s concerned with her X-Rays and wants her to come in to do a PET scan ASAP. 

Don’t do this to Kate, Firefly Lane. We aren’t ready!

What did you think of Netflix’s Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 13? Comment below!

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