Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 14 Recap – what happened at Kate and Johnny’s weddings?

April 27, 2023
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As Firefly Lane heads towards the finale, many audiences wonder if they can finish the story.

We recap Netflix’s Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 14, “I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On,” which contains spoilers. 

So it’s painfully obvious that this story is heading one way. This romantic drama between two best friends will leave a few of us heartbroken. Episode 14 is probably the best episode of Season 2 so far, but not for happy reasons.

As we approach the end, many will wonder if they can face the ending.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 14 Recap

Why does Tully not want to go to the Prom?

Episode 14 opens in the past with the teens partaking in the Romeo and Juliet rehearsals. Tully plays Juliet while Kate watches on. Afterward, Coop and Kate share a kiss secretly. As Coop is about to ask Kate about the Prom, Tully interrupts them. Kate assumes that Coop was going to ask her to go with him.

Tully explains that she doesn’t want to go to the Prom. It’s not her thing. 

What is said in the rehearsal dinner speeches?

Again, in the past, Tully delivers a speech at a pre-wedding meal for Johnny and Kate. Her speech highlights the bond Tully has with Kate. At the same dinner, Kate’s brother Sean delivers a speech, too, praising his sister. And then, Kate’s parents make an awkward speech, clearly not happy with who Kate is marrying. 

Who kisses Tully?

In the present, there is another rehearsal dinner meal. Tully and Danny cannot stop flirting with each other. Marah delivers a speech, and she declares how happy she is for her parents. Struggling with her cancer, Kate goes to the bathroom to take some medication.

After the rehearsal dinner, Danny’s fiance, Celeste, confronts Tully and tells her she has felt insecure since being engaged. Tully tells her she shouldn’t be insecure and that she’s amazing. In a surprising moment, Danny’s fiance kisses Tully. 

Afterward, Tully tells Kate that she’s unsure whether to tell Danny. Kate sees the funny side to it.

What happened at Kate and Johnny’s weddings?

In the past, Danny shows up as a guest at Kate and Johnny’s wedding, and Tully is happy. 

Kate’s mother tells the other women that Johnny is a rebound and suggests that the wedding may be a mistake. Kate argues Johnny’s corner and explains that Theo is not the right man for her. Kate gets flustered by the casualness of the women, doubting her relationship with Johnny.

Meanwhile, Kate’s father tells Johnny that he does not trust him because he’s hurt his daughter in the past. He explains why he’s hard on him. Johnny assures the father that he’s in it for the long haul and that he will show him over time.

In the present, Danny also shows up at Kate and Johnny’s wedding. Danny asks Tully if Celeste has been acting weird, but she’s unsure of what to say. 

Meanwhile, Kate collapses in the bathroom. Johnny finds her, and she’s in pain, needing her medication.

Johnny learns that Kate’s cancer has returned

In the present, Johnny is distraught to learn that Kate’s cancer has returned. Kate tells him she didn’t tell him because she wanted their wedding day to be perfect. 

Johnny hugs his future wife and tells her they can get through it together.

Afterward, Tully tells Kate that she’s planned a trip for them to Paris to celebrate her recovery. Tully does not know that Kate has cancer again.

What happens in the Romeo and Juliet play?

In the past, Coop tells Kate before the Romeo and Juliet play that he cannot take her to the Prom. Kate is understandably devastated as Tully watches on.

During the play, Tully’s mother, Cloud, is a distraction, shouting from the audience — she’s high. They have to take an interval. Coop is furious that Tully’s mother is causing chaos.

Tully and Coop end up trading angry words. Tully gets mad at Coop for messing around with her friend. Coop tries denying romance between him and Kate, revealing the truth; he was ashamed of anyone knowing he liked her.

Coop walks out, refusing to play Romeo. The teacher tells Kate to play Romeo. And so, just like fate, the two teenage best friends play the roles of Romeo and Juliet and finish the play.

After the play, Coop tries to publically announce that he and Kate are in a relationship, but Kate rejects him, which makes Tully feel elated that her friend defended herself.

Do Kate and Johnny get married on both wedding days?

In the past, Kate and Johnny make it to the altar. Before they trade vows, Kate delivers a speech to all those in attendance. She discusses the elephant in the room — how she was meant to marry Theo, but now she’s marrying Johnny.

She reveals she loved Johnny from the first moment she looked at him. Kate is putting her foot down.

Kate and Johnny get married in the past. 

In the present, Johnny and Kate make it to the altar for their second wedding. Tully leads this ceremony, marrying their two best friends. Tully takes credit for introducing them both in a funny speech.

Tully mentions that Kate has “recovered” in her speech, bringing irony to Kate and Johnny’s tears.

Kate delivers her vows, gushing about her love for Johnny and how she’s never understood why she’s in love with him. In return, Johnny sings her a cheesy romantic song. It brings plenty of laughter and joy.

Kate and Johnny get married for the second time. 

Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 14 Ending Explained

Do Danny and Celeste break up?

In the present, Danny overhears Celeste apologizing to Tully for kissing her. Danny confronts them both, but Tully slowly walks away. Celeste tells Danny that she doesn’t want to marry him. They break up. 

In the past, Danny asks Tully if they will ever get the timing right so they can be together. The pair enjoy a parting kiss.

How does Tully find out that Kate has cancer again?

Back to the present, Tully figures out that Kate has cancer again – she can tell by how Johnny looks at Kate. Tully’s life comes shattering down as the fear of losing her best friend returns.

As Tully is unable to deal with the news, Danny finds her and can see she’s having a panic attack. Danny hugs her to calm her down. Tully returns to the wedding, and Kate dances merrily, but then, she collapses.

What did you think of Netflix’s Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 14? Comment below!

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