Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 15 Recap – what does Kate tell the therapist?

April 27, 2023
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Episode 15 is filled with hope, dread, joy, and doubt, with the writers slowly wrapping up the story.

We recap Netflix’s Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 15, “Moondance,” which contains spoilers. 

As we reach the penultimate episode of this emotional series, we are reminded of the importance of family and friends. That’s what Firefly Lane has done from the start. Invoking feelings within us and reminding us all that the loved ones in our lives are the most important.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 15 Recap

Episode 15 opens in the present day. Everyone is panicking because Kate has collapsed. Kate gets up and tries to tell everyone that she’s fine and that she got “too hot.” In the hotel room, Kate tells Tully that she wanted everyone to have fun for once before she went back into chemotherapy.

Tully tells Kate that she’s not leaving her side.

Afterward, to finish their wedding day, Johnny and Kate have sex.

Why does Tully ask Danny to be her friend?

Tully tells Danny about Kate’s cancer which sounds worse than what it was before. Danny changes the subject eventually and wants to talk about getting together. He wants them both to admit their feelings for each other. Tully tells Danny that she needs a friend at present to support her. 

Later on in the episode, Tully is struggling. She tries to get Kate into a cancer treatment clinical trial, but it doesn’t work. She continues asking for Danny’s support as she fears Kate will die.

Eventually, Tully crosses boundaries and kisses Danny — she wants to forget the pain. Danny hesitates initially, but then he gives in and sleeps with her.

The next morning, Danny tries to make her breakfast, but Tully tells him she doesn’t have the space for romance. Danny feared this and tells Tully it’s OK to let him in.

How does Kate find out she’s pregnant?

In the past, Kate feels queasy, and Tully believes she is pregnant. Kate does not believe she is pregnant and lists reasons why she cannot have children now.

A quick pregnancy test reveals that Kate is pregnant. 

Johnny finds out Kate is pregnant, and he is in complete shock. Afterward, he goes missing, and Tully and Kate have no idea where he is. Tully tells Kate that if Johnny has done a runner, they can raise the baby together.

It turns out Johnny has visited his father, who is a priest at a church. Johnny tells his father that he’s the reason his mother is dead. He blames her alcoholism on him.

The father tells Johnny that he loves him, but Johnny does not want to hear it. He reveals that he’s going to be a father and that he’s terrified. Johnny’s father does not want to hear it and tells Johnny to act like a grown man.

What does Kate tell the therapist?

In the present, Kate is attending therapy as advised by her doctor. She’s wondering if she has been recommended therapy because it “is the end.” Kate tells the therapist she has a lot of support and is taking a few drug trials to fight the cancer. She’s worried about Marah the most, and its toll on her. 

The therapist asks Kate, “But how are you feeling emotionally?” Kate is avoidant of the question at first but admits she feels guilty; she feels like she has let everyone down. The therapist asks her to imagine if she was free. Kate imagines herself on a horse.

Cloud offers Tully and Kate weed

In the past, Cloud offers young Tully and Kate marijuana. They both go for it, knowing this is a rare opportunity. They enjoy their munchies, and then Cloud wants to show them the moon by lying on the roof. 

After fooling around on the roof, Kate ends up falling off. Kate believes she has broken her ankle. Even though they are high, Cloud has to get them to the hospital and tries to drive them there. However, a cop car pulls them over, and Cloud is arrested.

Kate has a meeting with Tully and Johnny

And Kate was right. In the present, Marah is not dealing well with her mother’s illness. She comes home high and has a meltdown in front of her parents. In light of this, Kate has a meal with Tully and Johnny and wants to discuss Marah’s future in case she dies. 

Kate also gives Tully and Johnny her full blessing to get together if she dies, as she doesn’t want either to be alone. Johnny cannot handle the conversation and walks away from the dinner.

Tully lightens the mood and tells Kate that she slept with Danny.

Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 15 Ending Explained

In the present day, Kate, Tully, and Cloud do a Moon Ritual to help rid Kate of her cancer. Kate bursts into tears and admits she doesn’t want to die. She lets it all out. She screams to the moon, “f**k the cancer.”

In the past, Johnny returns home and apologizes to Kate. He didn’t mean to worry her. Kate tells Johnny she’s willing to have a child regardless.

Johnny insists he isn’t abandoning her; he wants to be better than their parents.

In the present, Marah asks her father, Johnny, if her mother is going to die. Johnny tells her the truth — that they are unsure, and it is not as hopeful as it once was. Johnny decides to give Marah loving words of reassurance. Kate overhears; she knows if she goes, Johnny will stand strong for him and their daughter.

As the episode ends, Kate goes horse riding. Afterward, she tells Johnny and is happy she’s fulfilled her wish. Johnny is ready to talk about what to do in the scenario that she dies.

Meanwhile, Danny tells Tully that they’ve gotten Kate into the clinical trial for Kate’s aggressive cancer.

The episode then moves ten years later – they are at Marah’s wedding again, but this time, Kate is there. Is this another trick on the audience, or did Kate survive the cancer?

What did you think of Netflix’s Firefly Lane Season 2 Episode 15? Comment below!

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