The Power Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

April 28, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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We discuss predictions for the Prime Video series The Power Season 1 Episode 8, including the release date and where to watch online.

“Baptism” finds the main players in The Power honing their skills and training others as they prepare for the coming battle. Urbandox is amassing followers at an alarming rate, and governments across the globe are suppressing women by any means necessary. This is all leading to an unavoidable war.

The seventh installment feels somewhat repetitive, going over the same plot points again and again. We are shown numerous individuals training one another, while Allie’s subplot seems to be inching forwards at a slow, frustrating pace.

Here’s what happened in The Power Season 1 Episode 7:

  • Roxy trains other girls to use their powers. This little business venture allows her to pay rent at her dad’s place. Bernie is even contemplating putting her in his will.
  • She heads out on a business deal to prove herself and finds one of Bernie’s enemies. Roxy threatens them into paying Bernie back.
  • Jos returns to school, but now with bodyguards for protection.
  • Tunde travels to Moldova to meet with Zoia, a new revolutionist who is leading her own army.
  • Allie trains other girls how to use their powers.
  • Tatiana is fitted with an ankle bracelet. She spends her time with her stylist.
  • Sister Veronica confronts Allie, having figured out she is using a fake identity.
  • Jos is haunted by the disturbing memories of the man setting himself on fire. Scared of the growing Urbandox army, she watches Roxy’s videos online, learning to use her powers to fight.
  • Ryan tries to win Jos back with a romantic gesture, using his own EOD powers. Matty films this. Jos and Ryan reunite and kiss.
  • Tunde watches Zoia give birth. Later, he asks her for an interview. Zoia will give Tunde the interview if he meets with Tatiana first. She wants him to pass on a message.
  • Allie gathers new followers and takes them out into the water. She uses her powers to put them into a loving trance. They all float in the water, feeling connected to God.

The Power Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date and Time

Episode 8 will be released on Prime Video on Friday, May 5th, 2023, at 12 am ET. Episode 8 is titled “Just a Girl” and will have a run time of 58 minutes.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch The Power Season 1 Episode 8 with a subscription to Prime Video on the date mentioned above.


  • Roxy is growing more confident by the day, happy to use her powers to teach others and threaten enemies. Bernie will be impressed with Roxy’s new persona, giving her a larger role in his organization.
  • Matty will upload his video of Ryan using his powers. This will negatively affect Ryan’s life, causing him to go into hiding as he is bullied online and in person for having the EOD powers. Jos will find out that Matty posted the video. She will retaliate, injuring Matty on purpose, creating a huge rift in the family.
  • Tunde will struggle to infiltrate the Palace. He will ask Tatiana’s stylist to pass on Zoia’s message to Tatiana instead. Tunde will then interview Zoia.
  • Allie is growing a large following at the church; she will train them all up and overthrow Sister Veronica.

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