Will there be a sequel to Peter Pan & Wendy?

May 1, 2023
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We discuss whether there will be a Peter Pan & Wendy 2, a sequel to the Disney+ film Peter Pan & Wendy, and will contain spoilers. 

Peter Pan & Wendy has been released by Disney+ on their streaming platform without a theatrical release.

The retelling of the classic story was always going to be divisive. The source material for the project is so well-loved and well-known that it was always going to be a difficult sell.

Unfortunately, it seems that the production has missed the mark, with it currently sitting on IMDb with a rating of 4.4 out of 10 (May 1st, 2023).

Reviews have also been middling too, with The Guardian calling it “passable but unnecessary,” Wow News Today stating the film “has very little going for it, and it’s not very good.” Our very own M.N. Miller at Ready Steady Cut was a bit more forgiving, with a rating of 3.5 out of 5.

So with all that going on, the big question is, will there be a sequel to Peter Pan & Wendy?

Peter Pan & Wendy sequel potential release date.

So far, there has been no confirmation of a sequel going into production, so even if things start moving in 2023, it will be at least a nine-month shoot for another movie, plus post-production in what would be an effects-heavy film, leading to a potential release date of late 2024, early 2025.

Peter Pan & Wendy 2 sequel cast – who might be in it?

If they can get in quickly, the cast must stay the same. We would expect Alexander Moloney as Peter, Ever Anderson as Wendy, Jude Law as Captain Hook, and Alyssa Wapanatahk as Tiger Lily to return.

Time would be of the essence, though, as it would perhaps be important to get Alexander to reprise the role before he gets any older. That’s the trouble with Peter Pan, he isn’t meant to grow up, but I suppose they would figure out how to get around that, one way or another.

This could be the right time to mention another not-so-well-loved version of the story, this time a giant big screen 1991 release from Steven Spielberg called Hook, with the story featuring a grown-up Peter (Robin Williams), going back into action to save some stolen children from Dustin Hoffman’s Captain Hook.

The film was panned critically and did not perform well at the box office, and no sequel to this movie was ever produced.

Peter Pan & Wendy sequel plot: what could Peter Pan & Wendy 2 be about?

So there are probably a couple of options, a direct sequel to the original, with another face-off between Peter and Hook, or they could take a leaf out of Spielberg’s book and present the characters when they have grown up.

Ultimately it would seem that the original story is the definitive one and efforts at re-makes and re-imaginings cannot sustain the magic of the first outing, leaving viewers disappointed. We can’t imagine the company trying for a sequel in the current filming climate.

J.M. Barrie would write a sequel of sorts, a play called When Wendy Grew Up: An Afterthought.

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