Where is Dani Bergman from Jewish Matchmaking Now? Explained

May 7, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Where is Dani Bergman from Jewish Matchmaking Now? This article discusses one of the contestants from the popular dating show.

Jewish Matchmaking is another slice of dating reality schlock, brought to you by the same people that gave us Indian Matchmaking.

Matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom is in charge of putting the contestants together, in the hope that love will blossom for the people who are coupled up.

The problem with shows of this nature is the often unsatisfying conclusion to the narratives that we see.

Perhaps as viewers, we have been conditioned to react positively to a neat ribbon-tied conclusion, and the nature of some dating shows means that, like some of the contestants on the show, we don’t always get what we want.

On the plus side, the unique aspect of shows like Jewish Matchmaking is the presence of an almost maternal host that is there to provide comfort and guidance through the hazardous journey that is dating.

It seems that the producers have realized that the partnership mentoring service is an integral part of the show.

That, and of course, the actual participants.

Let’s face it, for us to stay invested in the show, we have to like the players, and if we like the players, we of course want to know what we can about the aftermath of their journey on the show.

So without further introductory babble, this sadly single article hopes to be paired up with you, dear reader, as we answer the question, where is Dani Bergman from Jewish Matchmaking now?

Who is Dani Bergman from Jewish Matchmaking?

Twenty-seven-year-old Dani was born into a South African family and is open about the importance of love and family in her life.

Her parents are Jonathon and Myrna Linz-Bergman and she has a sister called Juliet.

Her education would involve an associate’s degree in psychology, before working towards a Batchelor’s Degree in Psychology, which she would attain from UC Santa Barbara in 2017.

Since 2018, she has been the CEO of a digital advertising agency, so she helps with the creation of content for clients that need to boost their brand through their social media platforms.

She had previously worked at Crubox and was responsible for looking after the advertising campaigns for the company.

Dani also worked at We The Beat for just under a year, where she would help with event promotion and digital marketing.

Dani’s Instagram feed has lots of pictures of her travels, and you can follow her @danimbergs if you are a fan of her work.

What happened with Dani Bergman in Jewish Matchmaking?

Dani was interested in finding a partner that matched her interests and lifestyle, and initially, she would be paired with David Behar and Shaun Civin.

However, it was not a smooth ride. David seemed only interested in a hookup.

Dani would meet him for a date at a local restaurant, and the conversation would soon become about who they are.

This initial meeting would lead to more dates, that is until Dani began wondering whether David really liked her or the fact she looked Sephardic (she’s Ashkenazi).

Dani would discover that she would be in California for a wedding at the same time he’d be in New York for work and suggested they take a break and try again upon returning over a month later.

Dani would then date Hawaii-based Shaun Civin.

The only real problem with Shaun seemed to be the distance between the two, and Dani was not at all keen on maintaining a long-distance relationship, so this was also a non-starter. As well as this, David would stay in touch through texts and state he was still interested, making her think twice about Shaun.

She decided to give her old date another shot in Miami, but oddly it seems that the spark went out and David seemed to lose his enthusiasm.

The final nail seemed to be his ditching her birthday party without letting her know what was going on.

It seems that although they still follow each other on social media, there is no plan for a relationship between Dani and David.

Where is Dani Bergman from Jewish Matchmaking now?

Dani is a California native based in Miami, Florida, at the moment, where she’s working hard as the CEO and Managing Director of 1084 Media, an advertising/marketing agency.

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