Where is Sierra Stevens Now? Explained

May 11, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Where is Sierra Stevens Now? We discuss the case of Sierra Stevens from the 2023 Netflix series Missing: Dead or Alive, which contains spoilers.

The 2023 Netflix four-episode limited series Missing: Dead or Alive? takes a look not only at four cases where people have been reported missing but also at the team of investigators that are charged with solving the cases.

The show is almost a fly-on-the-wall style documentary that has been getting mixed reviews.

The trick of leaving viewers with an unresolved story and then completing it in the next episode is an exciting way for a documentary series to present itself. Still, some may find it irritating or contrived.

However, the final part of this run center’s on the case of a missing 17-year-old and a foster home, and this article answers the question where is Sierra Stevens now?

Who is Sierra Stevens?

Sierra Stevens is a seventeen-year-old girl that stayed at a foster home in Richland County, South Carolina. However, Sierra came from a very dysfunctional family. As a child, both her parents suffered from addiction to drugs.

Her mother would die from this condition when Sierra was young. At fourteen years old, Sierra would take her father’s car and crash it, resulting in death.

Her father was charged with neglect, and Sierra was sent to a juvenile detention center for eighteen months. This meant that she could not live with her father or grandparents until she was eighteen, which was why she was in the foster home.

Was Sierra Stevens Found, or Is She Still Missing?

It seems that Sierra had gone over to friends to party on the night she went missing. She had fallen asleep there, and by the time she returned to her home the next day, her foster parents had already called the police out of concern for the girl. But seeing the police made Sierra panic, and she feared she would be arrested again.

Sierra would get in touch with her friend Emily, who suggested that she should come to her house and stay there for a while. Sierra could not be reached on her phone, and she had not been in touch with anyone after her disappearance.

The team feared that she had been kidnapped or was in danger.

According to the Netflix series, females who had previously disappeared from that area were forced into prostitution. Officers dug through sites advertising underage girls but failed to come up with any leads.

However, it seems that Sierra was terrified that she would be sent to juvenile detention again, leading to her hiding.

Sierra would be found at her friend Emily’s house in Hartsville. The police would catch up with her, relieved she was safe and unharmed.

Where is Sierra Stevens Now?

Although naturally, there is little about her exact whereabouts. Reports mention that the missing person’s investigators helped her return to her foster family, and she resumed school.

Is Sierra Stevens Dead or Alive?

Sierra is alive and well; we like to think she is in a loving foster environment and living her best life.

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