The Great Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

May 12, 2023 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Catherine finds her fighting spirit, and so does the show, ending with an eventful and chaotic finale. “Once Upon A Time” is beautifully written, allowing Elle Fanning a chance to let loose and lose herself in this award-worthy role.

We recap the Hulu series The Great Season 3 Episode 10, “Once Upon A Time,” which contains spoilers and explains the Ending.

The eventful third season of The Great concludes with “Once Upon A Time.” In the season finale, Catherine (Elle Fanning) must choose to either be overthrown or reclaim her fighting spirit and lead once again.

The many traitors in her party finally reveal themselves, while Catherine has a timely breakthrough.

The Great Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

Kick-starting the finale, Pugachev leaves his latest rally to be greeted by Archie. The priest wants to negotiate Pugachev’s surrender, but the lookalike is having far too much fun as the King.

Pugachev asks Archie to join him. Poor Archie is deeply in love with Pugachev and begins to waver. The two share a kiss, but Archie rejects Pugachev.

The lookalike is then chased outside, where he is finally captured by Catherine’s people. Catherine speaks with the prisoner. Pugachev wants to replace Peter and reign by Catherine’s side.

The Empress demands that Pugachev confesses to the people. He refuses, threatening to kill himself just to stir up more trouble.

Who kills Pugachev?

Catherine leaves the lookalike and returns to her game of Russian Roulette. While Catherine has her existential breakdown, Maxim fulfills his own destiny and shoots Pugachev dead. Petrov wheels his body into Catherine’s office while an astronomer called Nikolai talks of a comet heading their way. Petrov then challenges Nikolai to a duel.

That night, Catherine sleeps with the womanizer Nikolai, who slept with Petrov’s fiancee. Elizabeth interrupts them, demanding that Catherine concentrates on the problems at hand.

Catherine orders Elizabeth to leave, but Elizabeth has the guards under her control. Before departing, Elizabeth tells Catherine to step up, or she will be forced to take over herself.

Elsewhere, Hugo conjures yet another plan. This time he tells Georgina that she could be queen. All she needs to do is marry Paul. He married Agnes when he was one year old. Georgina sedates Hugo with a cup of tea.

Georgina finds Grigor with Paul in the woods. Grigor’s grief has finally turned into a mental breakdown. He’s now the one losing the plot. Grigor talks of his confusing love for Marial.

Georgina mentions her new plan to become the Empress. Grigor knocks Georgina out and flees with Paul.

How does Catherine have her epiphany?

In the middle of the night, Hugo infiltrates Catherine’s quarters. He urges Catherine to escape the country before she is killed. Catherine then goes to play more Russian Roulette. An intruder tries to shoot her, and Catherine uses the gun to shoot them instead. This unique situation works as an epiphany for Catherine, she now believes that reigning is her destiny, and the circumstances have proven so.

The following day, Petrov and Nikolai defy Catherine’s orders and prepare for their duel. Catherine interrupts. She takes Nikolai’s place and shoots Petrov in the leg.

After her epiphany, Catherine is back in power. Fueling her fire, Marial informs Catherine that Archie is behind Pugachev’s uprising.

Georgina continues her plan to become queen. She takes Paul straight to Archie for an impromptu ordination. Archie ordains Paul in front of Georgina and the Swedes.

Grigor comes to disrupt the ordination, but he is too late. Archie is requested by the Empress, so Georgina’s marriage to Paul cannot be completed at this point.

Back at Catherine’s office, Elizabeth sits in Catherine’s chair, ready to take charge. Catherine enters, ignoring Elizabeth’s treasonous ways. Catherine calls out Archie and orders the guards to bury the priest alive.

Catherine tells Maxim to go on a tour declaring that he killed Pugachev, then to go and train to be a General.

Velementov is to also go on a tour, telling the Russians of Peter’s death in a different way. Catherine wants lots of different rumors spreading of Peter’s death so that she can use each individual rumor to her advantage. Petrov is to attack Pugachev’s base.

Impressed by Catherine’s new attitude, Elizabeth moves away from Catherine’s seat. She lies, stating that she was only motivating the Empress by giving her an ultimatum.

Does Archie die?

The guards bury Archie alive. However, Marial digs him up before he is killed. Petrov attacks Pugachev’s base, using the lookalike’s head instead of canons.

The Great Season 3 Ending Explained

Then in the final scene, Catherine appears with a new, bad-ass haircut. She sees the comet in the sky, which she has used as a way of winning back the people’s devotion. Catherine says that destiny didn’t help her. She did this all on her own.

Catherine then performs a manic celebratory dance. Throughout the series, Catherine has learned from Archie and Elizabeth’s manipulative ways, which has helped her to regain her former strength and power. She has bested these snakes and come out on top.

Yet Catherine is still struggling with her grief. She breaks down, crying on the floor. The Empress may put on a good act, but deep down inside, she is still broken.

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    Wait, the great Damien Molony is in The Great snd no one told me? Excellent series !

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    I need to know why the dance at the end was a reference to Sia and the choreography in her music videos

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