The Great Season 3 Episode 3 Recap – does Peter kill Simitz?

May 12, 2023
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The Great starts to feel a tad repetitive in “You the People,” as Peter continues to defy his wife, and the many other cast members either plot to kill one another or try to avoid their own end. The series is still hilariously written and includes some stunning comedy performances though.

We recap the Hulu series The Great Season 3 Episode 3, “You the People,” which contains spoilers.

Catherine (Elle Fanning) and Peter (Nicholas Hoult) are now deeply in love, yet they still can’t stop defying each other at every chance they get.

In “You the People,” Catherine decides to outlaw murder, sparking controversy and debate within the population, while Peter vows to kill one of his old enemies, regardless of Catherine’s rule.

The Great Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

It’s an important day for Catherine; she’s organized a conference to hear the people’s opinions as she moves towards real change in Russia. To coincide with this conference, Catherine has written a book mapping out her hopes and desires for her nation.

The Empress kicks off this conference with her first proposal; she wants to outlaw murder. This controversial decision causes a heated argument; the Russian people love murder but are all opposed to the idea. Georgina tries to defend Catherine, whereas Marial provokes further outrage by twisting the narrative.

How does Catherine avoid a vote?

The many factions continue to argue with one another. The nobles want to take this to a vote, assured that the proposal will be rejected. Georgina is then forced to fake a fit to distract from this growing mutiny and to buy Catherine some more time.

Panicked by the lackluster response, Catherine asks Elizabeth and Archie for help. She orders them to be very persuasive, to get her point across no matter what.

Elizabeth poisons the leader of the merchants to change his mind, while Archie scares the peasants into siding with Catherine, threatening eternal damnation if they are to ever disagree with her again.

Who is Simitz?

During Catherine’s big day, Peter has his own dilemmas. He wants two of his horses to mate to make a super breed for his son, yet the horses are uninterested. All the while, Hugo tries desperately to befriend Peter. Then Peter’s sworn enemy Simitz arrives, unaware that Peter is still alive. Peter wants Simitz dead but doesn’t want to ruin Catherine’s day.

Velementov confides in Catherine, telling her he is dying because he keeps coughing up blood. Catherine urges him to seek out Dr. Vinodel and to rest, but Velementov doesn’t want to give up his position.

Catherine finds her new book ripped to shreds on the palace floor. She meets with Peter, saddened by all the negativity. Peter is shocked that she would try to outlaw murder. He admits that he must kill Simitz today.

Why does Peter hate Simitz?

Peter then explains why he hates Simitz so much. The man would embarrass him in front of his father and practically sexually assaulted Peter to make his dad laugh. Catherine is appalled by the reasoning but still forbids Peter from killing Simitz.

Next, Catherine takes Simitz straight to Peter, hoping for an end to all this hatred. Simitz begs for his life and apologizes to Peter. However, the former Emperor still wants him dead. Catherine manages to persuade Peter to spare Simitz’s life. Peter eventually sides with his wife.

Marial’s servant asks her for medicine for poor Pugachev, who was stabbed multiple times by Catherine. Here, she may have a new ally in her fight against the Empress and Peter.

Having escaped death, Simitz can’t help himself. He smirks at Grigor and Georgina, taunting them with further rude gestures. Grigor recounts this incident to Peter, who again wants Simitz dead.

At the very same time, Hugo uses medicine to get the horses to finally breed. Peter is uninterested in the horses now, though. He wants Simitz taking care of.

How does Catherine escape the vote?

The Empress has both the peasants and the merchants on her side, but the noblemen are still unpredictable with their votes. Catherine fears that she may lose the vote overall. She decides to ignore the vote and changes tact, announcing that all the villages across the country will be given a monkey. This being one of Peter’s earlier proposals. The crowds all cheer and unanimously agree to this vote.

The Great Season 3 Episode 3 Ending Explained

Does Peter kill Simitz?

Nearing the end of the episode, Grigor shoots Simitz, and Peter slices his enemy’s throat. Then Georgina pummels him to death with a rock. She also had beef with the crook. Marial informs Catherine that Simitz is dead. She has been undermined once again.

The Empress confronts Peter about this defiance. He says that Grigor shot him, but he won’t admit his involvement in the murder. Is Peter starting to change his tactics with Catherine now, keeping secrets from her again?

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