The Great Season 3 Episode 4 Recap – why does Catherine cancel Paul’s ordination?

May 12, 2023
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The plot goes around in circles with “Stag,” as the numerous players try to convince Catherine to change her mind. This repetitive nature does make the fourth chapter drag slightly, yet the writing is exquisite as always, and Adam Godley continues to stand out with his layered performance.

We recap the Hulu series The Great Season 3 Episode 4, “Stag,” which contains spoilers.

Catherine and Peter’s son Paul is to be ordained to carry on the family’s indefinite reign. This ceremony includes a stag ritual, where the father must shoot a stag while the baby is strapped to the animal’s side.

In “Stag,” Catherine (Elle Fanning) bans the sorry affair, leading to further marital issues.

The Great Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

The fourth chapter opens with Peter practicing for the stag ritual, although his aim is terribly off. Catherine is still bitter after her failed conference.

Elizabeth tries to cheer her up with the ordination. To make matters worse, though, Catherine receives a letter from Angela, which weighs heavily on her mind.

Why does Catherine cancel Paul’s ordination?

While Catherine discusses politics, Peter barges into the room to tell her of their son’s first word. Of course, it is a rude word, which Peter is elated by. Catherine loses the plot and argues with Peter in front of all their colleagues. Catherine worries that Paul will become just like his father. She decides to cancel the ordination. This sends both Peter and Catherine into a wild fury.

Elizabeth and Archie fear that Catherine’s knee-jerk reaction will have catastrophic consequences. They both try to persuade Catherine to change her mind. Archie speaks with the Empress first.

He talks about the family’s rule. If Paul isn’t ordained, then it undermines the legitimacy of Catherine’s reign too. This doesn’t do the trick, though.

After the argument, Elizabeth speaks with Peter in private. She urges Peter to do his damnedest to preserve the line. Elizabeth admits that Peter’s father (Peter the Great) made her promise to keep the line when he died. It is Peter’s duty to keep the bloodline going.

Archie hasn’t given in just yet, either. He asks Marial to help change Catherine’s mind. The old friend offers her support. Marial and Catherine make amends, although Marial refuses to stop hating Peter. The old friends hug and makeup.

Next, Elizabeth speaks with Catherine. She offers the Empress a marriage advice book. Catherine and Peter reconvene after their ferocious argument.

Peter is willing to forgive and forget, but Catherine won’t deny that she meant what she said. She does, however, agree that she lost the plot slightly. Things got out of hand.

What is Catherine’s letter about?

Catherine believes the letter may have had something to do with the breakdown. Her letter was from Angela, her sister. In the letter, Angela asks where their mother is. Peter worries that Catherine’s decision to cancel the ordination could destroy them. They agree to try Elizabeth’s book.

Arkady and Tatyana walk Catherine and Peter through the activities suggested within the book. First, they try a tug-of-war game, addressing their issues. The different activities help the couple to discuss their marital problems.

Arkady concludes that they are both headstrong individuals. They either need to accept that they will argue from time to time or learn to compromise.

Peter decides to end with a game of badminton, and Catherine tags along, showcasing her ability to compromise. Grigor and Marial are summoned for this drunken exercise.

Meanwhile, Agnes flirts with Velementov, using her womanly ways to learn the General’s battle plans. Marial manages to survive the badminton match and the meal afterward, faking her indifference for Peter.

A servant brings Paul into the Empress’ quarters; he’s said another word. This time it is a ‘book,’ which Catherine is much happier with. Then Velementov enters, waving his gun about. The drunkard tells Peter that his father wept at his son’s ordination.

Everyone has tried their hardest to convince Catherine to rethink her decision with the ordination, yet the Empress is sticking to her guns.

Elizabeth makes one last bid, realizing that Catherine has been using birth control (a lemon top) to avoid getting pregnant again in secret. She begs Catherine to remove the birth control and to change her mind about the ordination, but she will not budge.

What is Elizabeth’s final plan?

Elizabeth’s final plan is to sedate Catherine if she does not change her mind. Peter uses a sedative that night, but then he has a change of heart himself. He worries that Paul might not want to be the Emperor when he is older. The ordination does not go ahead after all.

The Great Season 3 Episode 4 Ending Explained

The following day, Peter nervously prepares for the stag ritual. Catherine apologizes to Elizabeth about the ordination, adding that she has removed the lemon top. Elsewhere, Archie confronts Pugachev, looking to build an alliance with Peter’s lookalike.

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