The Great Season 3 Episode 6 Recap – what happens on the lake?

May 12, 2023
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The Great surpasses its comedy limits with genuine drama and some heart-wrenching, realistic depictions of grief. This is a real surprise entry from the series, delivering one of the biggest twists in the show’s history.

We recap the Hulu series The Great Season 3 Episode 6, “Ice,” which contains spoilers.

Peter (Nicholas Hoult), Hugo (Freddie Fox), and General Velementov (Douglas Hodge) march to war in “Ice,” heading for Stockholm and victory. Catherine (Elle Fanning) hears of Peter’s plans and attempts to deter her husband out in the blistering wilderness.

Meanwhile, Archie (Adam Godley) and Marial (Phoebe Fox) fear their plan has backfired badly as Pugachev grows in confidence.

The Great Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

The sixth installment opens with Peter, Hugo, and Velementov heading to Sweden. Catherine and Grigor chase after them in a carriage, hoping to stop them from going through with their terrible plan. They wait beside a frozen lake, aiming to intercept the traitors.

Having spotted them, Catherine fires her gun into the air. Peter is elated to see his wife and heads across the icy lake to speak with her. Catherine is furious that Peter has stolen her army and gone to war behind her back.

Peter thinks it’s a marvelous idea, though they will be in the history books after this victory.

Why is Peter heading to Sweden?

The couple argue, trying to persuade the other to change their mind. It begins as another of their typical arguments, but it quickly starts to feel like their biggest discrepancy. Peter confesses that he’s been having visions of his father; he needs to do more with his life and legacy; this is his chance at greatness again.

Catherine starts to get desperate, tempting Peter with delicious treats and sex, but Peter will not be swayed. The Empress plays her last card; if Peter goes through with this invasion, then he will not be allowed back to Russia; they will be over.

Peter sweetly responds, stating that he loves all the different sides of Catherine and hopes she will do likewise.

What happens on the lake? Does Peter Die?

Peter heads back across the lake. Around halfway across, though, he changes his mind and turns. The weight of the horse and Peter causes the ice to break. Peter falls through into the icy depths below. Catherine watches in complete shock, frozen to the spot. Grigor chases after Peter, but he is far too late. Peter sinks to his icy death, entangled with the horse.

Elsewhere, Archie meets with Pugachev. The Peter lookalike is getting out of control. He’s killed 47 noblemen without instruction.

Archie wanted chaos but controlled chaos at that. His plan to scare Catherine has worked, although Pugachev intends to take her down entirely.

Archie’s plan is starting to backfire. Pugachev has realized that he might be killed for these actions. Archie and Pugachev flirt with one another.

The priest passes Pugachev a letter with new instructions to follow. It is time to negotiate an end to the uprising.

Frightened by his own love for Pugachev, Archie whips himself back at the palace. Marial walks in on this brutal act, offering to lend a hand. Marial worries that Pugachev will sell them both out.

Back in the wilderness, Hugo and Velementov are stunned by what they’ve just witnessed. They wonder if they imagined Peter’s death. Hugo convinces Velementov to continue with their plan; they will still invade Sweden after all.

How does Catherine react to Peter’s death?

Across the lake, Catherine and Grigor wake from their daze. Catherine starts to act strangely, ignoring Peter’s death thoroughly. They head home without discussing the former Emperor’s sudden death. In the carriage, Catherine orders Grigor to keep it a secret, convincing herself that they imagined it all. She starts to unravel, acting erratically.

Elizabeth figures out Archie’s plan and confronts the priest. She realized that Archie was the one working with Pugachev because his desk drawer was suspiciously empty after the raid.

Elizabeth isn’t too fussed by the betrayal; as long as Paul is ordained, she doesn’t mind. Meanwhile, Marial’s paranoia grows. She talks to Maxim about Pugachev’s uprising. They decide to go and kill Pugachev before he rats on Marial.

A manic Catherine organizes a large gathering the following morning. She keeps Peter’s death a secret but declares that their army is currently invading Sweden. The crowd are confused, some believing it to be a joke. Catherine clarifies the battle and orders everyone to start singing. Grigor can’t help but cry, though.

The Great Season 3 Episode 6 Ending Explained

After the announcement, Archie informs Catherine of Pugachev’s letters and that he is prepared to end the uprising. Catherine hugs Archie, telling the priest that she plans on killing Pugachev regardless. She then goes and plays herself at badminton, fully committing to her mental breakdown.

Grigor confesses to Georgina that Peter is dead; Catherine has lost it and refuses to accept his passing. He adds that he has been forced to keep the death a secret, and now Georgina must too. Georgina searches for Catherine and finds her playing badminton. She joins the Empress for a game. Hopefully, she can talk some sense into the Empress.

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