The Great Season 3 Episode 9 Recap – why is Catherine playing Russian Roulette?

May 12, 2023
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As the grieving subplots take a backseat, the writers start to work towards an endgame, with Pugachev’s uprising becoming the central focus. “Destiny” utilizes the show’s usual humor and whimsy, although it falters without the season’s new emotional draw.

We recap the Hulu series The Great Season 3 Episode 9, “Destiny,” which contains spoilers.

In the penultimate installment, “Destiny,” Catherine (Elle Fanning) realizes the power Pugachev has over her people. With her usual advisors’ help, Catherine formulates a plan to take the lookalike down once and for all to end this madness.

Although her mental state is still fragile, Catherine decides to leave her own fate to destiny.

The Great Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

The episode begins with Catherine traveling to deliver a speech to her people. She wants to tell them that Pugachev is an imposter, but the crowd isn’t interested. They really hate Catherine and attack her.

On her return, Petrov informs Catherine that Pugachev has now taken Moscow. He’s closing in on the palace.

Fearing their own deaths, Tatyana and Arkady choose to side with Pugachev. They pretend he is Peter, going along with his act. Tatyana even sleeps with Pugachev, stating that it is for their own political gain. Pugachev hires lookalikes to impersonate Archie and Velementov.

Why is Catherine playing Russian Roulette?

Meanwhile, the Empress hides out in her bedroom playing a game of Russian Roulette. Elizabeth walks in as she is shooting herself in the head. Catherine explains that she is just playing a game to see whether her reign is her destiny or a delusion. If she deserves to rule, then she will not be killed. She is leaving her fate up to destiny.

Elizabeth worries that Catherine has completely lost the plot. She urges her to kill Pugachev and ordain Paul. Catherine thinks that killing Pugachev will only backfire on her. The peasants will think she has killed Peter, leading to more rebellion.

What is Grigor’s mission?

Grigor’s little mission is then addressed. He’s been ordered to keep Paul safe. The prince is living in the woods in a wooden cage. Unfortunately, a bear attacks Paul’s cage; it’s probably not the safest place after all.

Elsewhere, Dr. Vinodel cures Velementov of his illness. Hugo and Agnes worry that they will be killed and ask Elizabeth how they can help. She asks them to find Paul for her. The Swedes use a cadaver dog to sniff out the heir.

What is Velementov’s plan?

Catherine meets with her advisors to formulate a new plan. Petrov wants to kill Pugachev, but Catherine is opposed to this idea. Whereas Archie intends to make a deal. Velementov barges into the meeting. He apologizes to Catherine and offers his own strategy. They capture Pugachev and force him to confess everything to the people.

After this meeting, Catherine delivers a lackluster speech. She understands that everyone is panicked but concludes that whatever will be will be. Georgina jumps in and reassures the people that they have a plan. Pugachev is a fraud who will soon be captured.

Hugo and Agnes ask Catherine if she still wants them dead. Catherine summarizes that they all failed with their own plans. They didn’t reclaim Sweden, Peter died, and Pugachev is still at large.

The Swedes don’t get an answer, but they are reassured to be still alive.

After her speech, Catherine is poisoned. Again, she lets destiny decide her fate. She eats the arsenic and then violently throws it up. She ponders what Marial said to her earlier, that Pugachev is a charming leader.

She decides to attend one of his rallies, to see for herself.

Hugo and Agnes’ cadaver dog leads them to Grigor. Hugo points his gun at Grigor, although he suggests that they be friends instead. Grigor is still furious with Hugo, though, stating that he wants to kill him, blaming the Swede for Peter’s death.

Hugo hits Grigor with the butt of the gun and runs away. Grigor then shoots the bear in the forest and saves Paul’s life.

Dr. Vinodel continues to court Elizabeth, desperate for her affection. He slowly starts to win her over, although she is still besotted by Peter the Great. Archie packs for Moscow.

Elizabeth confronts the priest about his plans. Archie promises to kill Pugachev to bring an end to this chaos, which he initially started.

The Great Season 3 Episode 9 Ending Explained

Near the end of the episode, Catherine and Marial attend one of Pugachev’s rallies. The lookalike talks of his hatred of Catherine and love for God. He brags that he understands the people and will bring change to the country.

Meanwhile, Velementov and Petrov wait outside, ready to capture Pugachev.

Pugachev talks of Catherine trying to kill him frightened that she will try and kill Paul next. With the crowd on his side, he starts to throw noble men and women’s heads into the audience.

One hits Catherine, knocking her to the floor. She is then trampled on.

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