Faithfully Yours Ending Explained – Is Isabel Still Alive?

May 18, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix film Faithfully Yours, which will contain spoilers.

When it comes to saucy thrillers, Netflix knows how to deliver. Even though most of their series or films are generic and fit the conventions to a fault, these projects are self-aware. It is that very reason why these risque thrillers do well.

Faithfully Yours has everyone lying to each other all because of the unexpected predicament the characters put themselves in.

In Faithfully Yours, two best friends, Bodil (Bracha van Doesburgh) and Isabel (Elise Schaap), who appear happily married, sneak off for secret affairs and use each other as cover. But when Isabel is murdered when they were supposed to have been together, Bodil gets tangled in her own web of lies.

Faithfully Yours Ending Explained

It’s interesting to see the spiral that Bodil goes on after the death of Isabel by trying to cover her own tracks as well. As the story goes on, people uncover more about the case, and even the husbands get involved.

What happened to Isabel?

When Bodil heads back to the house she and Isabel are sharing, following the dispute with Michael, whom she had been having an affair with, she sees blood everywhere on the floor. First, she noticed it on the shirt of the man outside, and then there was a trail of broken glass near the stairs.

Isabel is married to Luuk, and the investigators find a picture of Isa dead with her throat slit. There was also a message sent to them by the alleged killer with “Mission Accomplished” written.

Was Isabel cheating?

The plot thickens when they find footage from the hotel that shows Isabel with another woman in the hallway. They were kissing, and once they break apart on the camera, they notice that it is Bodil’s sister, Yara. They planned to run away together and leave everything behind, but she obviously felt bad leaving her husband.

Once they find the camera footage, it is also shown that Milan has been watching Bodil in their own home via webcam. Eventually, Bodil finds the camera by clicking the icon on the computer and finding a file that shows her infidelity. She now feels violated by all these videos and her husband watching her every move.

Who killed Isabel?

In the most cliche way, a writer’s ego can be worked into the story. Luuk is conveniently writing a book, and he uses the name of his main protagonist, Zadkinto cover his tracks when he killed Isabel. It’s rather unsettling that a husband would go to the length to kill his wife over infidelity in the way that he killed her.

Moreover, Bodil finds out, and Luuk actually goes through his entire plan with her, and he’s upset with her because she ruined his plan. After a tussle between the two of them because Luuk tried to kill her, she blindsided him and manages to drown him.

Is Isabel Still Alive?

The answer is yes. And one no one saw coming. After the police close the case and Bodil is off the hook for self-defense, she wants to get away for a while. She heads to the airport to find her sister, only to see that Isabel is very much alive.

Bodil is in shock, and Isabel explains that it was all staged from the beginning because Isabel wanted to be with Yara so badly that she faked her own death to get rid of Luuk.

What did you think of the ending of the 2023 Netflix film Faithfully Yours? Comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Faithfully Yours Ending Explained – Is Isabel Still Alive?

  • May 19, 2023 at 1:58 am

    I enjoyed the movie, it was fast paced and kept you thinking what next. It was a little twisty with all the characters lying but the ending was especially not expected, at least by me.

  • June 1, 2023 at 9:21 pm

    How do isabel and vara know bodil will go out for a swim and her lover not around when they stage isabels death, she could have been in bed all morning, it seems too far fetched?

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