XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – who are Kitty’s new roommates?

May 18, 2023
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This light-hearted rom-com continues to delight. It may be predictable and by the numbers, but it is also highly entertaining and silly when it wants to be. The early installments have been surprisingly promising so far.

We recap the Netflix series XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 2, “WTF,” which contains significant spoilers.

The second installment is called “WTF,” and I’m sure that is exactly how Kitty (Anna Cathcart) is feeling right now. She’s just traveled halfway across the world to be with her boyfriend, and she’s found out that he’s been cheating on her this whole time.

XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Returning to that twist ending, Kitty runs out of the welcome party. She hears someone in the hallway speaking and assumes that it is Dae chasing after her.

She tells them to leave her alone, but it is actually a new teacher walking to the toilets. He introduces himself as Alex Finnerty from Melbourne, Australia. The teen ignores Alex and decides to return to the party for some answers.

Who is Baby?

Meanwhile, Dae speaks with Yuri back inside the party. It becomes clear that this relationship is actually a con. Dae is a fake boyfriend, a front for Yuri. It seems her real partner is Juliana, after all. She is the one who Yuri has been messaging under the name ‘Baby.’ Dae and Yuri leave the party before Kitty re-enters. Kitty heads over to Dae’s friends Q and Min Ho for directions. They comically refer to Kitty as Dae’s pen pal.

Yuri tries to phone Juliana, but the number has now been blocked. Dae wants to end this fake relationship but is then told that Yuri has paid his tuition fee as a thank you. Dae now owes Yuri.

He asks Yuri why she needs a fake boyfriend, but she won’t tell him the truth. Dae asks to tell Kitty the truth. Yuri pleads with Dae to not reveal their secret until tomorrow.

Dae and Yuri go back to the party. Principal Jina Lim introduces the couple to Madison Miller, the daughter of the Millers, who the Hans are formulating a deal with.

Yuri then introduces her mother to Dae, her new boyfriend. Jina is surprised that Yuri is dating her chauffeur’s son and Yuri’s own private tutor. But she does comment on how Dae is the school’s top student, which is a positive for her.

Kitty barges into this conversation, confronting Dae about his lies for the first time. Dae promises her that it isn’t what it looks like. Kitty won’t stay to hear Dae’s excuses, though, and leaves again.

As she exits the room, Kitty bumps into a table, knocking over a stand full of cupcakes, which she then slips in.

Who are Kitty’s new roommates?

Embarrassed by this scene and Dae’s deception, she orders a plane ticket home immediately. Then Kitty heads back to her dorm to pack. Her roommates enter soon after. Surprise, surprise, her roommates are Dae, Q, and Min Ho. What a nightmare for poor Kitty.

The roommates discuss Yuri and Kitty while she listens from her room. Angered by what she hears, Kitty lets out a whelp. The roommates enter and pull the covers off Kitty to see who their new roomie is.

This causes everyone to scream in shock. Min Ho is certain that Kitty is crazy, orchestrating the whole thing to be closer to Dae.

Kitty proves her innocence, handing them her paperwork. Kitty is down as Song Covey (her surname). Song can be a male name in Korea, so she was assigned a male dorm.

Dae asks to speak with Kitty in private, but she still refuses to hear him out. She asks for her special necklace back. Dae says he’ll look for it.

In secret, Dae is still wearing Kitty’s necklace. He tries to message Kitty, but she has blocked his number.

Meanwhile, Yuri tries to contact Juliana again, but her messages and phone number are still blocked too.

The next morning, Kitty packs and leaves the dormitory, heading for the airport. On the school’s grounds, she sees a spot where her mother once had her picture taken. Kitty takes a selfie by the same tree. She wonders if this is a sign to stay.

Dae chases after Kitty in his pajamas. He finds her just before she leaves. Dae starts to explain the truth, yet he keeps being interrupted. First by Yuri phoning him and then by his father. CEO Sung-Jin Han wants to speak with him immediately.

XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

President Han has gone viral after a video leaked of him assaulting an employee. He needs some good publicity to offset this controversy, which is where Dae comes in. Han wants Dae to join his new internship program. Yuri tells Dae that he will be shortly taken to a press conference.

Kitty returns to her dorm room and finds Dae’s friends watching the press conference live. Han apologizes for his behavior at the meeting and welcomes Dae into the program. Kitty notices Dae’s odd demeanor and realizes that something is off. As the episode ends, Dae refuses to hold Yuri’s hand. Kitty believes that Dae is faking it. There is hope, after all!

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