XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – who is Kitty’s new tutor?

May 18, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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XO, Kitty continues to be extremely predictable and painfully repetitive. Dae is always just about to reveal his secrets but is then interrupted. This gnawing plot device is frustrating and cliched. The series is still light and breezy, with many silly subplots and a standard teen romance for fans to enjoy.

We recap the Netflix series XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 3, “KISS,” which contains significant spoilers.

After a rocky 24 hours in Seoul, Kitty (Anna Cathcart) looks forward to her first day at school and, hopefully, some peace and quiet.

“KISS” follows yet another eventful day in Kitty’s new adventures in South Korea as she plays matchmaker and further investigates Dae’s (Minyeong Choi) fake relationship.

XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

We start at Dae’s family home. His sister Bora reveals that Dae has gone viral. She gets ready for school, but her shoes are broken.

Dae repairs them and promises that nobody will notice. Bora admits that she already gets bullied at school anyway.

Meanwhile, Kitty prepares for her first day at KISS. Min Ho wants her removed from the dorm. Dae returns and quickly gets dressed for school.

Kitty confronts the boyfriend, desperate to know what is going on. Dae lied about his finances and kept Yuri a secret. As usual, Dae is about to explain everything, but he is pulled away before confessing.

The paparazzi follow Yuri and Dae at school, snapping the couple wherever they go. Yuri is forced by her mother to retrieve Dae’s signed NDA. He hands her the paperwork.

Yuri reiterates that Dae cannot tell Kitty the truth now. He may be sued if he does.

Why is Yuri worried about Juliana?

Dae asks about Baby, the mystery person on Yuri’s phone. Yuri admits that Baby is Juliana, her girlfriend. She gets tearful discussing the current circumstances. Juliana didn’t attend the welcome party; her social media’s been deleted, and her phone was disconnected. Yuri worries that Juliana has been sent away and she’ll never see her again.

The fake relationship may be destroying Dae’s own romance with Kitty, but he feels sorry for Yuri. He gives Yuri a piggyback to class.

Kitty witnesses this grand gesture, but she sees straight through it, claiming it to all be a charade. Kitty is then called the Portland stalker, a new nickname she’s been given.

In the school halls, Yuri and Dae walk hand in hand. Yuri finally allows Dae to tell Kitty the truth but asks that he keeps Juliana a secret. Then the mystery girlfriend appears, dragging Yuri into a nearby room. Juliana informs Yuri that she is being moved to Oakham. She doesn’t have a plan for them yet but promises they will eventually be a couple again.

After her first class, Kitty is told by Professor Lee that she needs to be tutored. Her grades are just too low. She must meet her new tutor after school. Lunch doesn’t go much better, either.

Poor Kitty is teased by the other students, who refuse to sit with Dae’s stalker.

Who does Q like?

Kitty sits with Q. She notices right away that Q has eyes for Florian, a French student. Kitty tells Q she is a matchmaker and can set them up. Q says that Seoul isn’t exactly gay-friendly; he has to always pretend to be straight, so he doesn’t want Kitty’s help.

Elsewhere, Dae is given a huge deposit by the Han Group. He uses this money to buy his sister new shoes. Yuri is confronted by Jina. Professor Lee suspects her of cheating on her homework, which Dae had completed for her.

Jina asks for Yuri’s credit card, so she can’t get into any more trouble.

Next is Alex’s chemistry class. Kitty has partnered with her sworn enemy Min Ho. He keeps calling her the Portland Stalker and asks for a new lab partner. Kitty retaliates, calling him the Poopy Baby. This is an embarrassing advert where Min Ho played a baby.

The other students laugh at Min Ho. Kitty decides to play Cupid, sitting Florian with Q.

Who is Kitty’s new tutor?

After school, Kitty goes to meet her new tutor. Of course, she is paired with Dae. They are about to discuss the fake relationship, but lo and behold, Yuri interrupts again. She has heard that Min Ho has been outed as the Poopy Baby. It looks like Dae was the only one who knew about this secret, and he had told Kitty, who then blabbed.

XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 3 Ending Explained

Dae is hurt that Kitty told people an important secret. He realizes that he cannot trust her. Dae breaks up with Kitty. She can’t believe Dae told her to stay and then broke up.

She asks if his relationship with Yuri is real. Dae lies and says that it is. He then returns Kitty’s necklace to her for extra finality.

The episode ends with Kitty returning to her dorm. Q finds a baby bracelet in Kitty’s belongings. It was Kitty’s mother’s. Kitty thinks that her mom had a baby in Korea in 1993. She is rightfully shocked by this discovery.

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