XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – who does Kitty think she is related to?

May 18, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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It’s more of the same from XO, Kitty in “TGIF.” The jokes fall a little flat, and the plot twists seem too obvious repeatedly. That being said, exploring more of Min Ho’s character was interesting, and the friendships growing between the roommates are pretty wholesome.

We recap the Netflix series XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 4, “TGIF,” which contains significant spoilers.

Episode four of XO, Kitty, titled “TGIF,” concentrates on Kitty’s (Anna Cathcart) new investigation as she tries to figure out who her half-sibling could be.

This installment also explores more of Min Ho’s (Sang Heon Lee) character and pits Kitty against Yuri (Gia Kim) in an endurance race.

XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Professor Lee has sorted Kitty out with a new dorm and a new roommate. Min Ho was kind enough to inform the professor about the mix-up, and Kitty is finally moved to a new place.

Unfortunately, her new roommate is a nightmare. The place is a complete tip; the roommate plays online games non-stop.

Kitty is struggling to sleep or study with this roommate from hell. Her grades are slipping, and she falls asleep in class. Kitty asks the new teacher, Alex, for help.

However, all the female dorms are full; Kitty has nowhere else to go.

She continues to befriend Q. They discuss Florian some more. Kitty suggests Q invites Florian over for a binge party, where friends can meet and watch a show together. This will allow Q to get to know Florian better in a safe, social setting.

What is Q’s plan to get Dae and Kitty talking?

Kitty is excited about this setup and the news of her having a half-sibling. She’s also sad, though, unable to discuss this revelation with Dae, who she sees as her best friend. Kitty wants to talk to Dae, but he is always with Yuri. Q suggests she joins their outdoor club, as they will all be hiking together tomorrow.

Min Ho watches as all his roommates ditch him to go on this hike. Min Ho phones his mother, a famous actress, but she is too busy to talk as well. Min Ho feels left out and asks Q if he can join the hike so that he can catch up with his bestie Dae. Q wanted Kitty to chat with Dae and persuades Min Ho not to go.

How does Yuri hear about the hike?

On the hike, Kitty is reunited with Dae. She tells her friend about her mother, Eve, who also went to KISS. Kitty even mentions that Yuri’s mother was a student there at the very same time. Yuri then appears, interrupting their conversation. It seems Min Ho had warned her about the hike.

Yuri pulls Dae away from Kitty. She orders Dae to act like her real boyfriend. During the hike, tensions rise between Kitty and Yuri. Kitty trips, and Dae saves her in slow motion. Yuri and Kitty argue, deciding to race to the top of the hill. Kitty is the winner.

At the top, Kitty looks out at the amazing view. Yuri soon follows. They discuss their mothers. Yuri asks Kitty to take a photo of her with Dae. In the background, she notices the logo of a hospital, the same one that her mother attended when she gave birth to this mysterious half-sibling.

What happened to Eve’s child?

Kitty ditches the hike and races over to the hospital. She uses her matchmaking skills to distract the employees and breaks into the records room. Kitty finds information about Eve Song’s child. A male was born in 1993, but they were adopted by an Australian family.

Who does Kitty think she is related to?

The security guards quickly find Kitty. Thankfully, Alex rescues her from any punishment though. Kitty realizes that Alex is around the right age to be her half-sibling; he is also Australian. She thinks Alex is related to her. Kitty asks Alex about his family. He was adopted but never researched or met up with his birth parents.

Meanwhile, Q’s binge party gets underway. Min Ho joins, sitting next to Florian. He ruins the atmosphere, talking about the behind-the-scenes stories and spoilers. Min Ho knows all the details because his mom worked on the show.

They discuss Min Ho’s parents, who were involved in a messy divorce. Florian admits that his parents are going through the same thing. Q apologizes to Florian. The French student decides to leave but asks Q if they can have a private viewing party next time. Kitty’s matchmaking strikes again.

XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Dae starts his new job for President Han but isn’t assigned any tasks. He’s forced to sit there. He returns to his dorm and apologizes to Min Ho. Dae hasn’t been the best friend lately. He let slip about Min Ho’s secret and kept Yuri a secret too.

The episode ends with Dae apologizing. Min Ho then reveals something odd he has found online. Kitty’s roommate has been recording her while she sleeps. She then put these recordings onto a website. Q suggests that Kitty moves back in with them. Kitty can bunk with Q, while Dae and Min Ho share the other room together.

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