XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – who is Alex’s mother?

May 18, 2023
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XO, Kitty starts to get rather interesting in “TIL” as Yuri and Kitty’s mother’s shared past is explored in more detail. This allows for further revelations. Although some of the plot beats are too unrealistic, stretching the show’s logic and testing the viewer’s patience simultaneously.

We recap the Netflix series XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 7, “TIL,” which contains significant spoilers.

The underage drinking at Min Ho’s (Sang Heon Lee) party ended in an eight-hour detention for those students who were caught. During this endless Saturday detention session, Kitty (Anna Cathcart) and Yuri (Gia Kim) investigate their mother’s joint pasts, desperate to discover the truth.

XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Kitty wakes from her dream about Yuri. Q may be nursing a terrible hangover, but he quickly gets the truth from Kitty. He even figures out that Min Ho had a dream about Kitty too. They discuss these weird dreams, then Alex knocks on their door. They are all in serious trouble.

Yuri receives the same treatment from her mom. Jina is annoyed with Yuri. The party has made the news already and could jeopardize Han’s business deal.

The mother suggests a new photo-op to offset yet another scandal.

Why did Yuri steal the necklace?

Before the detention, Dae asks to meet with Yuri. He wants to break up with her. Dae doesn’t want to lose Kitty. He asks why Yuri took the necklace. Yuri admits that she was jealous. She promises to make it right and heads over to Kitty’s dorm.

Of course, Kitty hasn’t been living at that dorm for weeks now. Yuri finally has some dirt on Kitty; she knows exactly where she has been staying in the meantime.

The detention is to be held in the school’s library. Professor Lee oversees the eight-hour-long affair. He confiscates all the students’ phones and orders them to study.

Professor Lee even calls out Kitty, stating she is the one to blame. She told him about the party in the first place.

How does Yuri threaten Dae?

Yuri arrives late, sporting Kitty’s necklace. Dae rushes over, shocked by Yuri’s actions. Yuri threatens Dae that if they split up, she will tell the school about Kitty’s living arrangements. Yuri will get Kitty expelled if she has to.

Before Dae can respond, Kitty spots the necklace and heads over to confront Yuri. Dae quickly tells Kitty that Yuri stole the necklace.

Then Jina enters, noticing the necklace straight away. She thinks that it is hers. Kitty states that the necklace belonged to her mother. Jina acts suspiciously and apologizes for the mistake.

Outside the library, Professor Lee and Jina discuss the necklace further. Lee recognized it too. It seems both Eve and Jina owned the exact same one.

Lee asks why Jina never told him that Kitty was Eve’s daughter. Kitty and Yuri watch this interaction taking place. Their suspicions growing.

As the hours plod by, the students struggle not to fall asleep. When Professor Lee goes to the toilet, they seize their chance for some fun. Yuri and Kitty head straight for the yearbooks; they want answers.

Both have noticed how unusual Jina has acted on the topic of Eve.

Kitty informs Yuri that she has seen photographs of Jina and Eve together. Yuri adds that they used to be roommates as well. They look for the 1993 yearbook, but it is missing.

Kitty assumes that the mothers had the same necklace and were good friends. They then address the awkward topic of Professor Lee. There is a tension between Lee and Jina that they’ve noticed too.

Why did Juliana move schools?

Yuri and Kitty decide to skip the detention and search for the missing yearbook. They head to Jina’s office first. Yuri finds an email from her mother that explains why Juliana never returned to school. Principal Jina had banned Juliana from school after she was caught kissing Yuri.

Kitty finds her own file. Inside she sees her mother’s obituary. Yuri realizes that Jina is hiding something somewhat monumental from them. She needs to know the truth.

Professor Lee returns from the toilet; he announces roll call before the lunch break. Florian distracts so that Yuri and Kitty won’t get in trouble. He asks Lee for a specific, rare book.

Lee decides to rush to his home, which is on campus, to find this book.

Meanwhile, Yuri and Kitty search Professor Lee’s home for the yearbook. They hide from the Professor, noticing that he is singing Eve and Jina’s favorite song.

The students find the yearbook and the photos of the two mothers together.

XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Who is Alex’s mother?

Yuri comments on how fat Jina looks in the photo. This clicks for Kitty; she realizes that it was Jina who was pregnant. She is Alex’s mother. Yuri returns the necklace to Kitty and heads back to the library.

After the detention, Kitty updates Alex on her discovery. She thinks Principal Jina is Alex’s mother.

Meanwhile, Yuri wants revenge for Jina’s lies, so she organizes an impromptu photo shoot. She breaks up with Dae in front of the paparazzi. This is revenge for what happened to Juliana and a peace offering for Kitty.

Dae rushes over to Kitty, and they kiss for the first time.

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